6 Quick Self-care Tips for Busy Folks

Working remotely has blurred the boundaries between the office and home life of many Filipinos. What used to be a personal space has now become the place where everything happens - work meetings, rest days, grocery shopping, and everything else.

Doing all these tasks can be exhausting, so you must be itching for a break! The good news is, stress management doesn't have to be complicated, or time consuming. Here are some simple stress relief tips you can do in your free time.

Nourish Your Skin

While stress alone does not cause acne, it can make existing breakouts even worse. You can combat this by washing the affected area daily with mild soap and water. Using a gentle soap prevents further irritation. You may also use blotting paper to get rid of excess oil and prevent clogged pores.


If you're looking for a dermatologist and allergy-tested soap that's mild and safe for regular use, try G&H™ NOURISH+ Body Wash. It's perfect for people with sensitive skin because it has no dyes and sulfates, which are known to be skin irritants.

It also contains shea butter, organic pumpkin seed oil, and honey! These ingredients help repair the skin barrier and improve moisture retention, leaving skin feeling hydrated and nourished.

The unique combination of these three ingredients makes the G&H™ NOURISH+ Body Wash suitable for various skin types. Plus, it's made from natural sources and a biodegradable formula. If you want something that thoroughly cleanses the body without harming the environment, this is perfect for you! You don’t need to alter your routine too much – just make a skin nourishing switch and have healthy skin, even on your most stressful days!

Maintain a Healthy Diet  


Need another quick tweak to your routine? Switch out some of your food for healthier options! Add more vegetables to your plate, switch out your junk food for an apple, and add more water to your day.

Bonus: eating nutritious food and supplements can also help you achieve radiant skin! Did you know that soybeans and eggs have lecithin, which helps keep the skin plump and hydrated? Vitamin E is also commonly found in nuts and green vegetables.

To ensure that you're getting enough of these vitamins, you may take them in supplement form. Pair NutriliteTM Lecithin-E with Honey with a balanced diet and take 2 tablets every day for adults. Made from natural ingredients, its lecithin content comes from soybean oil.

Whip Up Some Tea


If tea is your thing, try drinking chamomile, it comes from an herb that's known to lessen symptoms of anxiety. It can also help you sleep better. You may also want to check out peppermint tea, a drink that can help ease stress-induced headaches. It's also safe to drink before bedtime since pure peppermint has no caffeine.

Put on Some Tunes

Listening to a piece of slow-paced instrumental music can make you feel relaxed. It can lower blood pressure and minimize cortisol levels. But if you're not into piano solos and cello music, you may also try listening to nature sounds like waves lapping up against the shore or the twittering of birds.

Listening to any type of music you enjoy can also help release dopamine, a neurotransmitter that makes you feel happy and helps you focus on the task at hand. Thus, playing music that cheers you up can be an effective way of managing everyday stress. You can even do this while you work!

Move Your Body


Regular exercise lowers the production of a stress hormone called cortisol. It also triggers the release of mood-enhancing hormones called endorphins. If you're having trouble sleeping due to anxiety, you'd be pleased to know that exercising improves sleep quality as well. If you don't have much time, simple activities like doing twenty jumping jacks or taking a ten-minute walk around the house will suffice.

Grab a Snack

It's a bad idea to have a grumbling tummy, especially when you're stressed out. When hunger strikes, grab some food and step away from your workstation for a bit. Yes, it's tempting to continue working while you eat, but doing this delays the feeling of fullness and may lead to overeating.

Love Korean food? Snacking on fermented food, like kimchi and yogurt, is good for your digestive health because they're filled with probiotics. Dark chocolate is another great option because it's a natural mood enhancer. Plus, 70% dark chocolate contains caffeine that can stimulate your brain.

This pandemic has made us retreat into our homes and has encouraged us to find creative ways to go about our day-to-day lives. While the situation can sometimes be emotionally stressful, there are efficient ways to minimize the impact of stress. Supplement your efforts with some vitamins and naturally sourced products to add to your routine, and you’re good to go!