Dive into Amway Ace and Health Buff Nick Tumbagahan’s Wellness Odyssey


“From what I know, health span is a concept I’m familiar with. It’s all about the years that someone is expected to live in good health, free from illnesses. So, understanding healthspan significantly influenced my decision to pursue a healthier lifestyle, especially with the assistance of BodyKey™ and NUTRILITE™. So, these programs not just emphasize a longer life, but a life lived in good health, which aligns perfectly with my goals.

So, you know, I want to be there, energetic and vibrant, to witness my future grandkids and great grandkids’ milestones. That’s why, as early as now, I want to live a healthier lifestyle.

Back then, I hit a rough patch where I felt down, and my health took a hit, too. I made a string of unhealthy choices that resulted in significant weight gain. It was a wake-up call for me to reassess my lifestyle. That phase pushed me to start my fitness journey and transition into a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle. I realized the crucial link between my well-being and the choices I make, prompting me to take charge and make positive changes for a better, healthier me. My commitment to fitness deepened when I saw friends and family facing health issues. Witnessing their struggles motivated me—I refused to be in a similar situation as I age.

That’s when I met my sponsors. I was invited by strangers from Malaysia when I was working somewhere here in Makati, who eventually turned into my friends and are now considered as my 2nd family. I usually attend their conferences and do business in Malaysia and that’s how I became an Amway Business Owner (ABO). Then, I became a certified Health & Wellness consultant for NUTRILITE™ Philippines as I was part of the BodyKey™ Shake It Up Program and because I believe that sharing is caring. And being part of NUTRILITE™ has given me loads of knowledge to pass on and help more folks embrace wellness.

I firmly believe the saying that prevention is still better than a cure. What I like about NUTRILITE is that its products are more for prevention. They played a pivotal role in my fitness journey, supporting my commitment to a healthier lifestyle. So, they've become a reliable ally, enabling me to proactively care for my well-being and avoid potential health problems down the road.

As for which products, I swear by a couple of NUTRILITE™ solutions— specifically BodyKey™ Meal Replacement Shake, NUTRILITE™ All Plant Protein (APP), NUTRILITE™ B Vitamins and NUTRILITE™ Chrompic Extra Capsule. They’re my go-to’s because they perfectly fit into my fitness plan. They tackle weight management and provide essential nutrition, which are key for me. Making them a part of my daily grind took a bit of planning. I slot them into my routine— BodyKey™ and APP are my dinner and before I go to bed, I make sure to take my essentials. And before every meal, I take Chrompic. I also usually take the Next Gen Double X Multivitamins and Acerola C tablet two in the morning to kickstart my day while the BodyKey™ Solution complements my workouts and dietary needs.

So, yes, I currently use the BodyKey™ by NUTRILITE™ Starter Solution along with the NUTRILITE™ Next Gen Double X Multivitamins and also the NUTRILITE™ Acerola C Tablet, along with the other products I mentioned before.

Let me tell you, though: getting these solutions into my routine wasn’t a walk in the park! Figuring out when and how to use them took some trial and error. But once I nailed down the routine and them a habit, it’s been smooth sailing since. Consistency is the trick to tackling those initial hurdles.

Now, BodyKey™ is really the kickstart product I’d recommend, especially for those who are just starting out their own fitness journey. This is because the Starter Solution is ideal for those beginning their fitness journey, offering personalized plans for weight management and nutrition. For example, if I receive this inquiry on social media, like “what’s your usual diet?”, I normally recommend BodyKey and All Plant Protein together. It should be both so that it is complete. Because if you take the BodyKey™ Meal Replacement Shake only early on, you will feel that it’s not enough and eventually would get hungry.

And, if you have a budget, these two can be paired with the NUTRILITE™ Next Gen Double X™ Multivitamins (NDGX) as it is essential for overall nutritional support, filling in the gaps that might exist in the diet of someone just starting out. Aside from the meal replacement, there is also the NUTRILITE™ Acerola C. It’s a must since it’s a great addition for boosting immunity and supporting overall health, especially for beginners who may need an extra dose of Vitamin C.

These solutions provide a strong foundation by addressing key aspects such as personalized nutrition, essential vitamins, and overall well-being, making them beneficial for those taking their initial steps toward a healthier lifestyle.

Now, to give you an idea on how these could apply to your life, this is what I learned from our Malaysian sponsors. For example, combining BodyKey™, APP, and NDGX for your breakfast is what we call the ‘emperor breakfast’ or the ‘healthy breakfast.’ In the Filipino plate, it comes with protein, carbohydrates, and fruits and vegetables. But normally it’s mostly rice, right? A little bit of vegetables and a little bit of protein. So, with the All-Plant Protein, you get your protein intake already, the BodyKey as the carbs or complex carbohydrates, and the NDGX is the fruits and vegetables. So, really technically speaking, it’s a healthy breakfast.

So, for those who are seeking a healthier lifestyle, especially those in their mid-20s or younger, the start can feel daunting. But I’m going to give you three simple steps that kickstart your journey to better health:

Number 1: small steps. As cliché as that may sound, it’s best to start with small steps. Start with manageable changes, like daily walks or healthier snacks. You know, you can set your, if you have a smart phone, at least 10,000 steps per day. That can go a long way. And with your snacks, you can reduce eating sweets, like cakes. Instead, you can replace them with fruits and vegetables.

Number 2: Active lifestyle. To be honest, I hate going to the gym. But there are other alternatives to being active. For example, I do running. I do yoga on Mondays just right across. And there are a lot of community workouts that are free, where you don’t have to pay a fortune. In short, find enjoyable physical activities to make exercise a habit.

Number 3: balanced nutrition. That’s the most important thing. Focus on a diet rich in fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and consider supplements like NUTRILITE for added support.

So, small steps, active lifestyle, and balanced nutrition. Remember, it’s about progress, not perfection. Do it one step at a time and gradually incorporate these habits into your own routine. Consistency is key to a healthier and happier you!”