Healthy Hydration: 3 Ways to Stay Hydrated Throughout the Day

Staying hydrated is crucial in the normal function of the body. When the body has enough water, body temperature is at a normal range, joints are lubricated, and nutrients are carried to cells, helping the organs function well. Aside from these, hydration also helps in having normal sleep and regulating your mood. 

According to health experts, it is recommended to drink eight 8-ounce glasses. This equates to about 2 liters, or half a gallon a day. 

No matter how busy a person is in a day, there should always be a time allotted for rehydrating. Signs of dehydration include feeling thirsty, tiredness, dizziness, dry mouth and lips, and dark yellow pee. 

Here are three ways on how to stay hydrated throughout the day. 

Set an alarm or track your water intake!  

When you’re busy checking off tasks on your list on a day-to-day basis, it can be all too easy to forget to drink water! Sometimes, you also tend to work yourself out too much that you tend to reward yourself with sugary drinks too.  

Remember that the best and cheapest way to keep hydrated is by drinking water. It contains no added sugars or calories, aids in digestion, normalizes blood pressure, and prevents constipation. It also carries nutrients in the body and protects organs and tissues. Try setting 30-minute intervals for drinking water throughout the day or until you meet the minimum of 8 glasses in a day. 

Consume fruits and vegetables 

Fruits and vegetables have high water content. They have 80-99 percent water content which makes them a great addition to your diet. Choosing vegetables instead of fast food and processed food is undoubtedly healthier, leaving you even more hydrated. Some of these vegetables include lettuce, spinach, carrots, and cabbage. 

Fruits with high water content are oranges, grapes, melons, berries, and apples. Cut these into bite-size pieces and store them in food containers so you can bring them wherever you go. 

Choose a healthy thirst quencher wherever you go 

Aside from drinking water, you can opt to bring your favorite thirst quencher wherever you go. A healthy flavored drink gets one even more enticed in being hydrated throughout the day. 

For people who have an active lifestyle and is always on-the-go, one of the best thirst quenchers to choose from is the Nutrilite™ PhytoPowder™ Defend Cherry

It’s a go-to drink that complements one’s active lifestyle. This fruit-laden drink contains essential vitamins B and C, minerals, and phytonutrients that defend the body. 

Be it a workout session in the gym, a day of adventure, or just staying in the office for hours, you must make time for rehydration. Remember to always bring water or your favorite healthy drink with you to keep you hydrated wherever you go.