How To Combat Fatigue And Get Your Energy Back!

Always tired? That could be your body’s way of sending you a message. Whether it’s a lack of quality sleep, a poor diet, or occasional stress, there are many reasons you might be feeling exhausted. But, with just a few simple lifestyle changes—like exercising regularly and taking a vitamin B supplement—you can better support your health and energy levels. But, what’s the benefit of vitamin B, and how much exercise might you need? Here’s everything to know about healthy habits and vitamins for energy and tiredness that can support your body through the day.

Exercise Regularly

Whether you attend HIIT classes or walk around your block, regular exercise can help support your metabolism, mood, and sleep health. It should come as no surprise that sitting for long periods (or just neglecting to exercise) may cause your heart rate to slow, which can make you feel tired. How can movement help? Moderate exercise can release energizing hormones and support endorphin levels, which could give you a post-workout energy boost. So, when should you exercise? We recommend any time in the morning or during the day since late-night workouts could affect your sleep. 

Get Plenty of Sleep

Don’t underestimate the power of sleep. Getting seven to nine hours a night can help you wake up feeling more energized and recovered. Not to mention, adequate sleep may support your focus throughout the day and help you feel more refreshed. Why? During sleep, your body can:

  • Rebuild muscle tissue
  • Process emotions and experiences from the previous day
  • Regulate the hormones that control your appetite and metabolism


If you get into the habit of going to bed late, you might compromise the support that sleep can provide your body. Make sure to start winding down at least an hour before bed and stay off of your devices. Once your body finds a healthy sleep pattern, you might even find it easier to fall asleep each night.

Supplement with B Vitamins

What are B vitamins good for, you ask? Think of them like vitamins for the brain. They can support important cognitive functions and activities—especially B9 and B12, which can also help your body convert food into glucose (the body’s primary energy source). Without enough of them in your diet, you may experience low energy. ​Want to reap the benefits of vitamin B without majorly changing your diet? Consider taking supplements—like the from NUTRILITE™ B Vitamins. Just one tablet can deliver up to eight hours of caffeine-free energy support thanks to the addition of all eight essential B vitamins and natural spirulina.* 

Adjust Your Diet

From sleep quality to mental clarity, the foods you eat can impact your body in many ways—including how tired you feel throughout the day. To help combat fatigue, make sure you’re reaching for proteins, vegetables, and fruits while avoiding processed foods. As a general rule of thumb, opt for whole, raw foods when possible since they may contain natural vitamins for the brain. We know what you’re thinking—what about carbohydrates? Choose those high in fiber or starch, such as beans, whole grains, and sweet potatoes, and pair them with protein and healthy fat to support your blood sugar. Why? Foods high in refined carbs (like bread, sugary snacks, white rice, and pasta) may cause your blood glucose to spike and quickly crash, which could leave you feeling sluggish.


Stay Hydrated

Say hello to your new best friend—water. Think of it like a natural vitamin for energy and tiredness. Staying hydrated can significantly affect vigor and brain function. Studies have shown that mild dehydration may have cognitive effects, such as impaired mood, concentration, perception of task difficulty, and fatigue. So, what is happening in your body that would cause you to feel more tired and less alert? Water helps move oxygen to the brain. Without enough of it, your heart may need to work harder to pump oxygen to your organs since water isn’t available to assist. That’s why we recommend drinking at least 64 ounces per day and always keeping a bottle of water nearby. 

By implementing a few healthy habits and supplementing with vitamins for the brain, you can help give your body the support it may need to feel energized and focused throughout the day.

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