Prevent Back Pain with These 7 Tips

The causes of back pain range from a disease, like arthritis, to lifestyle-related causes, such as inactivity and obesity. Luckily, there are steps you can take to prevent back pain. Read on to learn more about various ways to keep your back healthy.

1. Maintain Proper Posture


Tapping away at the computer desk all day? Get a chair that provides adequate support for your lumbar region. This can help relieve the pressure on your lower back and help you work comfortably. Ideally, the knees must be a bit higher than the hips when sitting down.

When it comes to standing, here’s how to check your posture. Stand against the wall. Your head, shoulders, and butt should touch the surface, but a hand should fit behind the small of your back. Try to keep this stance as you step forward.

2. Move Around

Sitting or standing in one place for a long time can put pressure on your spine. Thus, inactivity makes you prone to backache.

You may relieve some of the stress on your back by taking a brief walk around your workstation and doing a couple of quick exercises. Stretching every once in a while improves blood circulation to your back.

3. Add More Calcium and Vitamin D to your Diet


Increasing your calcium and Vitamin D intake strengthens the bones and keeps your spine healthy. Calcium-rich foods include green leafy vegetables and dairy products like milk, tofu, and yogurt.

Meanwhile, you can get plenty of Vitamin D by eating fatty fish, like tuna and sardines, cereals, and egg yolks. Walking in the morning can also help you get enough Vitamin D through sun exposure. Your skin naturally makes this nutrient when exposed to sunlight.

Consider taking supplements as well. Nutrilite™ Cal Mag D is a rich source of calcium, magnesium, and Vitamin D, a nutrient that promotes efficient calcium absorption. For best results, take a tablet twice a day along with your meals.

4. Watch What You Wear

Wearing low-heeled shoes can help you avoid back pain. Shoes with one-inch heels or less will work best. Wearing comfy shoes can help lessen the strain on the back while you are standing.

It also helps to avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes, such as skinny jeans and the like, that restrict movement. Skin-tight clothing can make it difficult to walk or bend, which may worsen back pain.

5. Shed Some Pounds


Added weight in the tummy can strain your lower back. It would help to stay within ten pounds of your ideal weight to minimize back pain.

6. Stop Smoking

Cigarettes can make you susceptible to backache because nicotine limits blood flow to the spinal disks. Smoking also lowers blood-oxygen levels, which limits the nutrients delivered to your back muscles.

7. Consider the Way You Lift


When lifting heavy objects, bend the knees to squat and keep the object close to the body while standing up. Do this instead of bending over from the waist when picking the weight up. This distributes the load to both the legs and the back.

When carrying groceries or a bag, do your best to distribute the weight to both sides of the body. You may also consider carrying the load alternately on each shoulder. If possible, push heavy objects instead of pulling them because pushing is gentler on the back.