Joseph & Kim Milana: How They Achieved Success As Amway Business Owners

A smooth and blissful retirement is undeniably one of the dreams of many hardworking Filipino adults. At the same time though, there may be a couple of worries too when it comes to utilizing the now-spare time they have into something purposeful and meaningful.

This happened to be what doctors Joseph “Joseph” and Kim Milana faced almost a decade ago as they approached their retirement after successful careers as medical doctors. However, thanks to well-meaning colleagues, they discovered a new purpose and perspective in life thanks to Amway products.

For a decade now, the Milanas have not just been enlightening consumers about the benefits of Amway products, but have helped other people enrich their lives in the areas of health, wealth, career, companionship, and recreation.

See how their stories as Amway Business Owners began and are continuing to evolve here.

The Beginning

Not all happy stories start out on a good note, and the Milanas have an experience to prove that. They first heard about Amway through a dean at the university where they were both lecturers, and they did not have a pleasant experience at first.

However, just like a lot of good things in life, they take time to grow. Around 12 years later, the Milanas encountered Amway once more. Joseph, a practicing family physician, was the first to join, after being convinced by another doctor at the hospital where he worked about the uses and benefits of Amway products.

During that time, Joseph was already thinking about his post-retirement plans, and according to him, the mission and vision of the company aligned with his values. Joseph became convinced about the initial prospects of the business so he joined Amway.

His wife, Kim, was the next to join the Amway family. Thanks to a subtle strategy on Joseph part wherein he placed the Amway catalog on the family sofa, Kim was able to flip through the pages, first discovering the wonders of Artistry beauty and cosmetic products, and eventually NUTRILITE multivitamins.

For her, little did she know that this attraction to a certain product would lead them to an engagement in a business that would last a lifetime. Apart from the achievements they have gained because of Amway, the fulfillment of sharing the good opportunities and earnings, and seeing others benefiting and appreciating the products makes them feel happy and blessed to be part of this business.

Continued Trust, Continued Success

Many years down the line, Joseph is grateful for the trust and the opportunities Amway has offered. For him, his perspective and his horizon in life has been broadened, and he enjoys it so much because he can go to other places to reach out to others both literally and figuratively.

While he acknowledges that there are obstacles and challenges along the way, the dreams and the enjoyment he gets from being an Amway Business Owner are so big and vast that he hasn’t so much “felt” the effects of these.

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