Cathy Hyacinth Fernandez: Happy Customer Equals Loyal Customer

The world of Amway is one that's often kept under wraps from those who have no idea about the business. What is this company all about, and why do people choose to continuously purchase their products?

In this testimonial, Miss Cathy Hyacinth Fernandez is going to give you a peek into the reasons why she remains loyal to Amway's line of products. From her personal experience, see the reasons why she sees it as one of the best in the market!

A Testimony of a Loyal Consumer

"It is a no brainer. I'm never going to give Amway up,“ Cathy happily exclaims as she answered how she felt about the brand.

"We want the best for our families. Of course, we want to give them the world, but sometimes it is impossible. So, we settle with giving them what we can find and afford. I have tried different brands before. It is either their products are excellent but unaffordable to sustain. Or, there are drops in their prices but the quality is subpar. With Amway, I get to choose high-quality products and use them for a very long time," she continues with conviction.

As a customer turned entrepreneur, she thinks that sticking with the company will allow her to make extra income before retiring. And the reasons are clear: first, the company has a stellar reputation. She doesn't have to worry about people thinking she's selling counterfeit goods. Amway has been in the business for over 60 years and is an internationally recognized brand. Second, their products actually work. She uses them and can vouch for their effectiveness.

Paying It Forward
Cathy shares how she learned about the company from one of her coworkers. The person who opened the idea of Amway business to her was one of the most trustworthy people she knew. Given that, she never questioned Amway.

Initially, she needed money to start the business and keep it rolling, knowing it was a worthwhile decision. Her income at the beginning was quite promising and with her effort and commitment she believes she can turn her life around for the better. To this day, she still hopes her friends and family will experience the same fulfillment, and flexibility that she had.

She also took it upon herself to share some of her Amway products with her friends in order to demonstrate the value of the brand before joining. 

Compassionate Brand that Cares for their Customers“
I have been a part of other direct selling companies. With them, I've never experienced the warmth and support Amway has given me. I actually feel like Amway is spoon-feeding us in a good way, '' Cathy jokingly said.

She went on to discuss her experience with another multi-level marketing company that she joined. She remembered how that company would charge hefty prices.. "We would go to these upscale restaurants and sell expensive products. They were of high-quality , but they weren't necessarily essentials," she added.

Cathy also expressed her appreciation for the company’s Training department. Amway would always offer free training on a weekly basis. Aside from that, they would provide zoom sessions and other group activities for all members to participate in which is very good for our learning and growth..

A Progressive Product that Works

“My dad had diabetes and was on maintenance medications. Of course, I had to seek permission from the doctor for my father to try the Next Gen Double X™ - 62 Day Supply before taking the next steps of treatment. We never really liked the idea of giving him insulin shots for the rest of his life. Luckily it worked and both our family and the doctor were happy” Cathy excitedly shared when asked about a particular Amway product she swears by.

Aside from what she considers as a miracle supplement, there are also other Amway vitamins that she can’t live without. Nutrilite Lecithin-E is her ally in fighting free radicals from the environment. Plus, she makes sure she has her vitamins on the go with NUTRILITE™ Acerola C Chewable Tablet.

"Acerola is delicious! I don't even need water whenever I drink it," Cathy cheerfully adds as she talks about how she takes her vitamins.

Cathy Hyacinth: Going All-In with Amway

Cathy currently runs the Amway business with her husband. As she embarks on her new adventure in Cagayan De Oro, she hopes to increase her income and be successful.

Are you business minded like Miss Cathy?? You, like her, could start your own business. Amway provides individuals with the resources they need to start profitable businesses, thus further boosting both family and community advancement.

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