Debunking Common Running Myths with Athlete-Coach Daniel Hilaria


Running is among the most accessible ways to keep an active lifestyle. It does not require initial expenses or investments in equipment to get started, making it an inclusive choice when seeking improvement in one’s well-being. But as straightforward as it may seem, running gets tricky with the presence of certain myths—once we fall prey, the consequence is hindered progress and enjoyment.

For the above reason, correcting such misguided beliefs becomes a race against time. Thus, with half a decade of sports expertise, 26-year-old Daniel Hilaria of DantoFitness helps us debunk common myths about running. As an experienced athlete, certified personal trainer, and fitness coach for years, he lent us his knowledge to reveal the reality behind the misconceptions:

Myth 1: Running destroys the joints.


We often hear older people discourage the younger generation from running, along with a warning that it supposedly harms them. The advice is rooted in the belief that gradual running destroys the joints over time. And in the worst-case scenario, it can even lead to developing arthritis.

Fact: There are no studies proving running can cause joint problems

Although the practice indeed causes repetitive impacts on the joints, there are no studies yet proving it can result in knee problems. In fact, according to Coach Daniel, running does the opposite of troubling the joints by strengthening them when done correctly and in moderation.

Myth 2: Pain is equal to gain.

Image by: Freepik

Due to our yearning for progress that requires hard work, we tend to glorify the idea of success. And because running is a physically demanding sport, it is easy to overlook its struggle. But contrary to the saying, not all pain equates to gain!

Fact: Pain could indicate injury

Coach Daniel elaborated on the thin line between discomfort and pain. While fatigue is normal during exercise, excessive pain could indicate injury risk. So, for a more genuine outcome, he recommends proper training and giving the body the recovery period it deserves.

Myth 3: You can outrun a bad diet.


Health professionals have established that running makes a huge difference in enhancing our overall physical fitness. However, many people misconstrue it as a cheat code or an instant sprint away to compensate for poor dietary choices. Several experts say otherwise.

Fact: Running can only exercise unhealthy food choices

Coach Daniel stated that running can only do as much as exercising unhealthy food choices. But even then, it remains unpractical from the lens of fitness nutrition. Finding balance and setting goals on mindful eating habits would be the right approach to confront a bad diet.

Myth 4: There is a perfect form.


Some runners embrace the concept of a singular and universally ideal posture that all athletes should replicate. Moreover, the belief further notions that achieving this perfect form is essential for success. But in reality, it only triggers frustration and unnecessary self-criticism.

Fact: One could only learn running techniques

To shed light on the misconception, Coach Daniel stressed that there is no perfect running form. Instead, one could learn techniques to develop their aspects of speed, strength, or endurance. Ultimately, exploring different methods and harnessing a style that works best for you is crucial.

Myth 5: Running secures weight loss.


Another prevailing myth about running is mistaking it as a standalone solution to reduce body weight effectively. If not for the illusion from mass media and marketing, the lack of knowledge about the science of the human body is the reason for the oversimplified view of weight loss.

Fact: Running does not guarantee sustainable transformation

Coach Daniel emphasized that a good run would burn calories, contributing to weight management. Yet, relying solely on running does not guarantee a sustainable transformation. Factors like genetics, metabolism, and hormonal changes highlight the need for a comprehensive lifestyle approach.

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