White Chia: A Powerful, Traceable Seed-to-Skincare Solution


A lot of great things often start small and Artistry Skin Nutrition™ is no different.

Being the first and only certified vegan line from Artistry™, the brand built a name for itself by combining cutting-edge science and certain powerful plants or botanicals into skincare that is clean, traceable, and meets your skin’s basic needs.

And one of those said plants that make all these possible is the brilliant white chia seed.


Now, you might ask: "Why this seed in particular? And how did it even get into my fave skincare products in the first place?" Well, if you are already familiar with or have gone for Artistry Skin Nutrition™ many times, you might have some answers to those questions. But if not, why don’t we take a closer look at these white chia seeds and their journey as a seed-to-skincare solution for Artistry Skin Nutrition™?

White Chia Seeds – A Profile


Chia seeds are the edible seeds of a type of mint plant from Mexico called Salvia hispanica L., which is part of the group of plants most people call chia. They have a ton of health benefits, as shown by a few studies. According to them, chia seeds are a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, fiber, calcium, zinc, and antioxidants, boosting your health both inside and outside and in many ways.

It’s no wonder why these seeds are more known and used nowadays as a sort of "superfood," whether as a meal staple, a healthy snack, or an alternate ingredient for many dishes. But, for Artistry Skin Nutrition™, chia seeds are also great for the skin. This is thanks to their many antioxidants, which keep your skin moisturized, nourished, and protected. It’s because of this that the brand chose them as one of its hero ingredients.

From The Seed


Now, chia seeds come in two types: black and white. So far, the two have very little differences, with many thinking that they are almost the same except for the color.

Yet, experts at the labs in the Nutrilite™ Rancho El Petacal Farm in Jalisco, Mexico, noticed that the traditional kind often gets diseases and fungi. So, research and development (R&D) scientist Anacleto Sosa and his team spent nine (9) years researching and developing a new type of white chia plants, dubbed Rehnborg White Chia, by mixing other white chia plants and the usual types together. It's this Nutrilite™-exclusive variant of white chia seeds that Artistry Skin Nutrition™ uses.

So, with the perfect chia for the job there, it’s time to plant its best seeds and grow them well in the previously mentioned Rancho El Petacal Farm. Speaking of cultivating these plants, farmers there use biofertilizers, clean water, and natural ways of keeping the land pest- and weed-free.

It also helps that the farm has 38 cameras running 24/7 and records like Amway plant birth certificates to monitor them, from the moment they were planted to the day they’re harvested, dried, cleaned, and packaged in reusable or decomposable materials. Pairing these with nurturing them in their home setting would result in clean, safe, and high-quality crops.

To Our Productive Labs


Now that the white chia seeds have been sorted and packaged, it’s time for them to go into Nutrilite™ laboratories so that Artistry™ R&D experts can test, process, and incorporate them into the Artistry Skin Nutrition™ products you know and love today.

First, the scientists check the seeds to see if they are still safe and effective. Then, if the results are good, they process the ingredients into more concentrated forms and turn them into extracts and gels, which help them keep their many health benefits. It also helps that the brand’s experts use methods that they developed by keeping themselves updated with the latest findings on technology & science and working with Nutrilite™'s decades of research and catalogue on 1,800 botanicals, their functions, and benefits.

Now, during this whole time, more than 400 tests are done on each of the brand’s products from start to finish, to ensure that their safety, quality, and efficacy don’t drop. Once they pass all of them, including safety, clinical and consumer tests, they’ll enter mass production and eventually be distributed. All we need to do then is to get them to your doorstep.

And Into Our Clean, Vegan, and Traceable Products For You


Finally, the Nutrilite™-grown white chia seeds are part of Artistry Skin Nutrition™ products and they keep boosting said items’ performances.

For example, the Artistry Skin Nutrition™ Renewing Softening Toner hydrates your skin well after cleansing and leaves it soft, comfortable, and glowing . It is partly thanks to the white chia seed gel in its milky formula, which helps you keep your skin moisturized and healthy. This is just one example of the huge impact these wonder seeds have on the brand and its collections.

Of course, the white chia seeds are not the only botanicals that Artistry Skin Nutrition™ uses. Each plays a vital role in making skincare better for people and the planet. The white chia seeds' journey is just a model on how traceability is key to making both great products and helping people and the environment. And it also shows why plants like the white chia are also important to our health, in and out.