5 Safe and Savvy Ways to Use Social Media for Your Business

Social media allows people to stay connected to their circle of friends while staying in the comfort of their homes. It has been especially useful during the ongoing health crisis. 

Many are familiar with using social networking sites for fun and personal use, but you can also use them to promote your online business. Here are five methods that will help you establish a social media presence for your business.

Pick a Platform that Works for You


For starters, identify the platform that you're comfortable with using. Get to know its basic features and the types of content you can post on it. If you decide to use Facebook, consider creating a page or a separate profile that you can exclusively use for business. Doing this will minimize the chance of business posts getting buried under the volume of your personal ones. 

A designated space for your online business also allows you to build a business persona whose voice could be independent from your personal profile. However, you can use your personal account to share posts on your page to inform family and friends about the latest product updates. This practice can help lead them to your page as well.

Instagram is another platform that's worth looking into. Visually appealing product pictures can capture the attention of would-be buyers. A fitting caption, usually something short and memorable, can also work wonders. You can also check trending hashtags and see which ones suit your posts. This trick can help amplify your reach.

Work on Your Brand


When figuring out your brand, identify what you value and the topics you're passionate about. Think about how you want people to see you online. This image should be consistent with your lifestyle and business persona. Strive for authenticity in your digital presence and face-to-face interactions.

Letting your personality jump out of the screen can help you build relationships with prospects and existing customers. Aside from marketing your products, you're also selling yourself. After all, people like buying from those they trust and bond with.

Identify Your Audience


Think about the kind of customers you want to attract. Are they sustainable living advocates? Or perhaps they're folks who are transitioning to an all-natural lifestyle. Whichever niche you decide on, make sure that it aligns with your beliefs and brand's voice. Walking the talk lends you an air of credibility. 

Here are some factors to consider. At what stage of life is your target market? Possible groups include young professionals and parents of teenagers. What language do they speak? Are they fond of communicating via memes and GIFs, or maybe they prefer using taglish peppered with slang? 

Share Engaging Content


Once you've determined your audience, it's time to create and share content that suits your target's interests. Make sure that you speak their language as well. What you share should also reflect your brand and lifestyle. 

If your target audience is interested in staying fit during quarantine, you may share a video or article of beginner-friendly home workout exercises. If you're into healthy eating yourself, why not post a picture of the cobb salad wrap you had for lunch? You may include the recipe as well.

You can gather ideas by visiting the pages and profiles of people you want to emulate. Studying the social media pages of successful brands and media personalities also helps. Take note of how they craft their copy and which strategies work.

Ensure Content Variety 


Aside from creating and sharing content that caters to your audience's needs, you must pay attention to content type as well. Use a variety of formats every now and then. This'll help you figure out the type that works best for the content you share. 

If you usually post pictures along with a 1-paragraph description, try accompanying it with a catchy 1-2 sentence caption instead. If you frequently share photos, try using a video for a change. You may even try using plain text. A recent Twitter experiment shows that helpful tips shared as plain text tweets can garner more reactions than those that had a picture or a GIF. 

Using various formats for your posts may also widen your reach. Facebook's algorithm has a content type diversity feature to ensure that one's News Feed displays a healthy mix of content types. This prevents a person from seeing multiple consecutive article link posts at a time, so posting different types of content gives your posts a higher chance of showing up on someone's Feed.

Crafting an authentic on-screen persona is a crucial step in using social media for business. Finding a voice that fits your personality helps you build a connection with potential customers. It also gives you a chance to interact with them and better understand their needs. If used wisely, social media can let more people know about your business and the high-quality products you sell.