AmwayPH @27: Celebrating Decades of Health and Wellbeing and Beyond!


Founded in 1959 by businessmen Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel, Amway has always been driven by a singular purpose: to help people live better, healthier lives. As the #1 direct-selling company in the world, this commitment shines through in our quality, traceable products and the rewarding business opportunities we offer to those who want to earn by sharing what they love. And just like its over 100 markets across multiple countries, we at Amway Philippines do the same.

A Health and Wellness Company in More Ways than One

Since 1997, we’ve been dedicated to promoting the health and wellbeing of Filipinos while staying flexible and adapting to change. Aside from offering plant-based, traceable products and support for our entrepreneurs, we host numerous wellness programs and events to encourage them to maintain a healthy body. We also collaborate with credible organizations like the Direct Selling Association of the Philippines (DSAP) and the Health and Dietary Supplements Association of the Philippines (HADSAP) to further strengthen our commitment.

Recently, we’ve prioritized enhancing people’s overall wellbeing by focusing on improving their healthspans. To achieve this, we’ve introduced a range of traceable, healthy, and sustainable items and solutions from our brands NUTRILITE™, G&H™, Glister™, ARTISTRY™, XS™, eSpring™, and more. Additionally, we’ve organized various events and activities such as last year's Healthy Holistic Transformation Challenge, to inspire individuals to adopt healthier and more active lifestyles.


All of these have been as successful as they are, thanks to our employees, whom we also help to live healthier, more balanced lives even while at work. And to accomplish that, we make sure that everything we do is aligned with our mission and identity since 1959: people helping people live better, healthier lives.

Turning 27: Pursuing Health and Wellbeing Throughout the Decades

We at Amway Philippines have been following four important pillars that allow us to operate and thrive in the long run: culture + purpose, career, compensation + benefits, and environment. First and foremost, we are people who help people live better, healthier lives. So, we make sure that those four pillars that we followed, and our policies, processes, and products reflect our goal and identity, not only with our customers and Amway entrepreneurs, but also with our employees from all walks of life.


And we do this by being a company that prioritizes healthy work-life balance and allows them to thrive in our work environment. This meant offering them learning and growth opportunities for their career and providing them with a wide array of benefits and programs that support them in multiple aspects of their lives, such as extra monetary incentives that rewards them for their work and great support of our entrepreneurs. We also took extra steps to further support our employees, from outfitting our offices with fitness equipment to encourage more active lifestyles for them to being flexible and adaptable in our policies and approach to work set-up, so that they can work well while being healthy and safe.

We also encourage our employees to join many wellness programs and activities that they can follow through easily without extra cost or hassle. One of our main ones is the Optimal You Program, which is designed to cover as much of our employees’ holistic wellness as possible. It is composed of resources and services covering the six areas of health and wellbeing, allowing them to meet their various physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs while keeping their work-life balance, with access to them available onsite and online.


Of course, we aren’t promoting health and wellbeing to just our employees and customers, though. We have launched several outreach programs that help local communities in the Philippines through various ways, be it in our actions, education, products, or more. One example is the NUTRILITE Feeding Program (2018-2022), which aims to help children and their families meet their various nutritional needs. Another is the EmpowHer: Juana Earn Project, a program created in partnership with the Empowered Women Network (EWN) that helps women with underprivileged backgrounds learn and develop their skills, business know-how, and wellness habits. All of these are made possible by the combined effort and volunteer work of both our employees and customers.


We are proud of our HR policies and practices. They are not just on par but have exceeded market standards, as attested by our dedicated team and recognized by esteemed organizations like the Top Employers Institute and Best Places to Work. Thanks to their validation, we’ve proudly been named a global top employer in the Asia Pacific and as the best workplace in the Philippines. However, the greater reward for us is being able to help people live better, healthier lives throughout all these decades.

And now that we have hit our 27th year, we are only going onwards to our journey of health and wellbeing with more opportunities and a better understanding of people’s wellness needs.

Continuing Our Health and Wellbeing Journey in More Years to Come  

We’re excited to double down on our mission to help people live better, healthier lives by improving their healthspan with a healthier body age. Recent studies and statistics underscore its urgency, with obesity being among the top causes of lifestyle diseases and health risks for many Filipinos. But fear not, because this year, we’re launching a wave of innovative products and programs to address exactly that.

Our latest game-changer: Healthy Weight and Nutrition Solutions from NUTRILITE™, which we released earlier this year. These solutions include different NUTRILITE™ and BodyKey™ by NUTRILITE™ products grouped together to address various and specific health needs, such as weight management, heart health, gut health, and more.

But that’s not all. We are empowering our Amway entrepreneurs with resources for their financial wellbeing, including AmPay, our Health and Wellness Consultant Certification, and the Amway Development Academy. Plus, we are taking steps to also help prolong our employees’ healthspans with initiatives like the upcoming continuation of the Optimal You Program.


And, just like before, our commitment to health and wellbeing goes beyond just our customers and employees. We are continuing our outreach efforts and advocacies for local communities across the country, such as the Dietary Supplementation Program launched last March 2024 and in partnership with Rice Against Hunger Philippines. But that’s just the beginning. We’re eager to continue these efforts, creating more impactful activities that empower families to lead better, healthier lives.