Bobby & Amy Dela Cruz: How They Shine Bright Like Diamonds

Despite it being considered “inevitable,” a lot of working adults experience stress while on the job. But then again, too much stress can be a bad thing and can affect your life as a whole.

The question is - you don’t want to constantly be stressed because of your job right? What if there’s a way you can still earn money, be productive with your time, and help others maximize opportunities that’ll benefit them? That’s what Bobby and Amy Dela Cruz found out when they joined Amway.

After being introduced to Amway in 1996 by their niece who was an ABO based in Australia, Bobby and Amy became interested in the company.

As fate would have it, Amway opened its doors to Filipinos in 1997 and Amy, who retired early from her corporate job, signed up immediately. Bobby then followed suit, balancing his Amway duties while working as a vice president for a bank.

How Challenges Paved the Way for Success

Ask any entrepreneur about their purpose for joining the business, and you’ll encounter diverse answers. This can be said for Bobby and Amy. For the former, he started his journey with Amway at the age of 47 to fulfill his goal of retiring “young, rich, and pogi.”

He recalled how he was very stressed because of his then day job, so much that he looked like he was 67 years old instead of 47. After a thorough discussion with his wife, Bobby decided to sign up, to “make it a career, talk to people, share the opportunities.”

On the other hand, Amy joined Amway to help provide for the family as the couple had four children who were still in college. She explained that back then, the salary that she and Bobby brought home was not enough for sustenance, so she signed up to be an ABO.

Given that they started their business during the late 1990s when cellphones were not as widely used and the Internet was not as optimized, the Dela Cruzes made sure that every idle time they had after office hours or during their free time were used to talk to people about the business.

This mindset that highlighted adaptability and flexibility towards the situation at hand helped Bobby and Amy thoroughly grow their business in the upcoming years. And with their hard work and dedication, Bobby and Amy were able to achieve Diamond status, undeniably one of the most coveted achievements in Amway, and help so many people along the way reach their goals too.

The Keys to Success

The road to success and the coveted Diamond pin wasn’t easy, but the Dela Cruzes made sure that they worked hard, enjoyed the rewards and stayed true to these three success principles:

  1. Be excited with what you are saying or promoting: This can build credibility and interest in the products.
  2. Excitement overrides your knowledge: Even if you’re not the foremost expert, but are excited about the product, people will be attracted to what you’re offering. However, Bobby reminds that enthusiasm should be partnered with the proper knowledge. It is important to know the products’ features and benefits so you can be more believable and credible.
  3. Show proof that you are succeeding: While you can have the enthusiasm and the knowledge about the products, if the results are contrasting, there can be negative implications. Bobby likens the Amway business as an ongoing cycle. For him, it’s “not a sprint, but a marathon” and you “must be improving and adding more knowledge to what you know, leveling up the success.”

Advice for Young Entrepreneurs

When asked about the advice they would give to budding young entrepreneurs, Bobby and Amy highlight the importance of the following:

  1. Knowing and understanding your dream or reason for doing something: According to Bobby, whenever you start to do something you believe can offer you a good life, start with your reason or dream. Ask yourself why you are going to put your time and energy into it.
  2. Having patience: Business growth and success are not achieved overnight. Dreams don’t come true in a snap. Bobby emphasizes that people should not give up right away and not let others pull them down.
  3. Believing in yourself: Apart from knowing your purpose and having patience, it’s vital that you never doubt yourself and believe in yourself.

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