Dr. Allen & Myra Cloma: Changing Perspective, Seeing Amway In A New Light

Ms. Myra Cloma and Doctor Allen Cloma are Platinum Emerald entrepreneurs residing in Quezon City , Metro Manila. Aside from engaging in the Amway business, Myra is also a full-fledged entrepreneur. Meanwhile, Allen is a doctor.

Are you considering joining Amway? The couple have been with the company for over ten years and now they’re sharing their thoughts on what it's like to be a part of a prestigious global brand.

Hear about their beginnings, how they kept their authenticity while working with Amway, and their current perspective on the business.

Love for Amway At Second Sight

Different people have different stories of how they came to be an Amway Business Owner. For some, it was always part of their plan. Others, like Myra and Allen, had doubts at first but eventually came to see the potential in the business system.

"At first, we didn't see Amway's potential. For us, it was not alluring enough. We merely perceived them as basic home and beauty products– that's all there is to it. We had no idea how it may assist us in achieving our goals," claims Myra.

The Clomas were initially unimpressed with what Amway had to offer. All they could see were various cleaning, cosmetic, and other products. It wasn't until eight years later that they finally decided to join as business owners. Even then, it took some convincing before they were completely on board.

The Cloma family's outlook started to change when they managed to set aside enough money for their children's education. They knew then and there that the dreams and aspirations of their family were starting to come true.

In just six months, they were able to earn enough for the tuition fees of their children.

Myra was still with her company and Allen was practicing as a doctor. The couple became Founders platinum at the end of fiscal year. They were earning 45,000 monthly which was more than enough for tuition at that time.

"It wasn't simply the extra money. It encouraged our family to have more motivation and desire. At this point, the possibilities could be endless ," the couple emphasized.

The experience of the couple shows how overcoming doubt can result in ultimate success. The Clomas are proud to be members of the Amway community, despite their initial reluctance. As Emeralds, they keep putting in a lot of effort while assisting others in realizing their achievement potential.

Improved Family Relationships

The couple believes that had it not been for Amway, their relationship with their kids would have been different. They would have spent their day simply giving their children's pocket money and allowances. The couple and their kids would have parted ways without any interaction.

“Without Amway, we would have continued living normal lives without having a common ground,” Says Allen.

Both Cloma family members recognize how Amway's culture is particularly family-friendly. Everybody has the chance to participate, regardless of age or profession. Even if each member of the family has their own interests, at the end of the day they all work together to accomplish the same goal.

Myra shares how she and her family members spend their day differently from before thanks to Amway. She relaxes with the Nutrilite team and indulges in over-sleeping during her free time. On the other hand, her husband enjoys sports. Their kids pursue their own interests, whether they be for schoolwork or personality development. What links them together are the family meetings or phone calls that allow everyone to share their thoughts on their Amway business.

Amway Values Authenticity

“If I could share one piece of advice to people it’s to stay true to their values. If we don't use the products we don't talk about it. We don't preach what we don’t do, “ says Allen.

It is not about keeping appearances. According to the couple, Amway is one of the few companies that genuinely upholds its core values of family, freedom, hope, and reward. Through Amway, the pair came to understand the value of authenticity.

"I have observed numerous multi-level marketing companies that falsely represent who they are. They exaggerate the benefits of their services. They oversell their goods. They are not Amway, though. Amway is genuinely concerned about health. Revenue was never really the focus," Myra added.

Amway speaks out about health because it values public health. They have invested a lot of effort in encouraging others to adopt new healthy concepts. Because the company genuinely believes in healthy meal options, instead of trendy diets, they created plant-based programs.

Allen continues by highlighting that Amway is much more than just a door-to-door sales company. He seeks to inform the younger generation about how this organization actually works.

"We could have purchased the products and sold them one at a time if it had been a direct selling company. However, we are here discussing business with other people. It is about running your own little business wherever you are," Allen remarked.

What counts, beyond following the latest trend, is offering wonderful opportunities to enhance everyone's quality of life through eco-friendly, sustainable, and non-synthetic household goods. Amway does not advocate changing one's way of life to attract more customers. It is their deepest desire to improve people's lives.

Never make promises you can't keep—that's a lesson Amway instilled in them.

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