Amway Top Leader Mr. Foo Howe Kean Reveals Success Formula


An insightful experience greeted several passionate Amway Business Owners (ABOs) as Amway Top Leader and Founders Crown Ambassador Mr. Foo Howe Kean shared the secret to his triumph in business during a leadership seminar held on January 6, 2024, at My Amway Place in Makati.

The seminar commenced with a parade of esteemed Amway leaders featuring Mr. Foo and fellow Founders Crown Ambassador Mr. Mark Lei. Meanwhile, Health Department Professor Beng Montel, Food Technologist Ms. Esther Clavecilla, and Founders Platinum Mr. Jerome Lamparas led the discussions on the Nutrilite™ brand story, weight management, and business experiences.

After the talks, host Danny Cudiamat announced the anticipated arrival of Mr. Foo. It was followed by a welcoming remark by Amway Philippines Country Manager Ms. Leni Olmedo, who thanked Mr. Foo for his PHP 3 million donation to Amway Philippine’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

“My deepest gratitude to Mr. Foo and his donation that aided Amway Philippines’ health and charity causes. Although it's not the first time, I am proud that we not only helped more beneficiaries but also encouraged more ABOs to willingly participate in several volunteer activities.”


The said CSR programs include a food aid effort in partnership with Rise Against Hunger Philippines, a tree-planting project conducted with the Asia Society for Social Improvement and Sustainable Transformation, and a sustainable livelihood program for women in collaboration with Gawang Kamay under Lingap Pangkabataan, Inc. All three are being implemented until August 2024.

Moving on to the highlight, Mr. Foo began his speech by sharing the stark reality that 98% of people pass away without fulfilling their dreams. He continued by stressing that in the competitive business world, many are hopeful, but only a few can succeed. Hence, he believed that there are three essential questions every aspiring business leader must ask themselves to get to the top:

“The first question is: do you know why?”

In initiating one’s journey, Mr. Foo affirmed that motivation is a critical step, adding that knowing how must only come next to knowing why we want to commit to something. As for him, he explained that he chose Amway because it’s a company that is trustworthy, special, and unique.

“Here, everybody stands an equal opportunity to be successful through the principle of helping others succeed to get rewarded. It is also a company that honors its commitments by granting bonuses and incentives with no subtraction, only addition. And I think these are fantastic.”


As the discourse deepens, Mr. Foo quoted global business tycoon Elon Musk as saying that everyone is compensated directly proportional to the difficulty of problems they solve. This statement directs him to reveal the second question, which is about readiness to accomplish the goal.

“You have goals and dreams, but are you prepared to achieve them?”

Mr. Foo continued by describing business as a practice that requires work. To brave the trials of the industry, he underscored the need for fondness and appreciation for the craft. More importantly,

For us to be truly prepared, forget about volume, the money, or the sales. Instead, remember that business is not about the figures you can make but how many people you could help.

Finally, Mr. Foo sought an answer for his third and yet most thought-provoking question of all:

“Belief is the most powerful force in the world. So, you better ask yourself— do you believe?"


For Mr. Foo, difficult times are inevitable because hardship is part of all things in life. But if those who are as determined also try to believe, they will earn the power to stay through. He further emphasized that if there is someone who must encourage us, it should be ourselves.

"Everyone, convince yourself that you love this business. And if you can answer all these questions, then trust me, you hold the most chance to become successful.”

Before concluding his speech, Mr. Foo revealed his plans for an exclusive Basic Training Course for select ABOs. With a touch of humor, he quipped about translating it into the best training course, promising a deeper exploration of his principles and the system crucial for a win like in Amway.

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