Core & Frank Suan: More Valuable Than Money

So many people express their interest in saving the environment and staying healthy, but feel like they can't because of other commitments. Some have businesses to run while others have jobs to attend to. But here is a story of a woman who was able to do both.

Core Suan is a government employee and an environmentalist who also happens to be an Amway Business Owner. She is a living proof that businesses can be sustainable, health-centered, and eco-friendly. Read why she chose Amway as her business platform.

Environment Before Profit

“Reconciling profitable business with being an environmentalist can be challenging, but it is far from impossible. The Amway business is finding ways to make a difference while staying updated with the rest of the world. As an environmentalist and a government employee, I am passionate about fighting climate change and promoting sustainability without sacrificing productivity or profits, “Ms. Core explained.

She went on to explain how using specific Amway products helps her in her efforts to make the world safer, livable, and less polluted. The simple act of switching to eco-friendly products may have a positive impact on the environment and may contribute significantly to reducing global warming.

Here are a few products that Ms. Core recommends, serving as further proof that Amway is environment conscious:

L.O.C.™ Multi-Purpose Cleaner

• Works on all washable items and surfaces

• Effective and mild enough for use as a gentle hand cleanser

• Bioquest Formula - biodegradable and eco-safe

• Concentrated and Dermatologist-tested

SA8™ Premium Concentrated Laundry Detergent

• With natural ingredients and effervescing crystals

• Easy rinse and leaves no irritating residue

• Bioquest Formula - biodegradable and eco-safe

• Concentrated and Dermatologist-tested

DISH DROPS™ Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid

•Bioquest Formula – biodegradable and eco-safe

•With aloe vera and shiso extract to soothe hands

•Can be used for fruit and vegetable cleaning

•Powerful enough to get rid of grease but gentle on skin

Health Matters

When it comes to doing business, some might presume that the only thing that matters is making a profit. However, Ms. Core believes otherwise. She believes that promoting good health should be just as important as gaining profit.

“When my husband Frank was diagnosed with diabetes, we were both scared. His blood sugar level was all over the place. We didn't know how to get them under control. I am thankful for Amway’s amazing line of Nutrilite products. With his maintenance medicines, the supplements have helped my husband immensely maintain his blood sugar levels and overall health. From monthly check-ups, he is now only required to see the doctors once every three months,” she narrated.

The Lone Entrepreneur

“It's hard enough to make it in the world on your own, but when you don't have the support of your family, it can be even harder. I should know--I didn't have my family's support when I was starting out and it made things tough. But I'm still here, still standing. I am still able to share my Amway story,” Ms Core recalls, as she voiced her frustration.

“Since it was my second time joining the team, my family was not encouraging when I rejoined Amway. I felt like I had to explain my decision for a very long period. When I told them about my intentions to pursue the business full-time, they questioned me and expressed their frustration. But eventually, after much convincing and discussion, they changed their minds and agreed to help me with the change,” she continued.

She recalls how her friends and family warned her against the business. But despite their disapproval, she kept making progress. In fact, such disapprovals encouraged her to refute their assumptions. Luckily, thanks to Amway, she had eventually prevailed and now maintaining a Founders Platinum pin level.

Her mother Fe had a change of heart and began to appreciate Amway's offerings, particularly the NUTRILITE™ Omega 3 Complex Softgel Capsule and Next Gen Double X™ 31 Day Supply. She eventually became an entrepreneur herself and now a Gold Producer

Advice to Aspiring Business Owners

"It all boils down to genuinely caring about your customers. Don't use people for convenience. When I look at my customers, I do not approach them differently based on their financial circumstances. Since I care about them, I contact them to check on them instead of trying to sell them products," Ms. Core emphasized the importance of authenticity.

“Because Amway is a business, you need to seek advice from Platinum mentors. In other personal matters, we can listen to our family and friends, but we need someone to look up to in terms of business management. Regularly visit the new product and training page. Don’t forget to use the products,” She added before she ended her interview.

Start Your Own Businesses with Confidence.

Have a passion for business and a love for the environment? You can launch your own business anywhere in the Philippines. Become a part of the Amway Family. You might be the next success story!

Learn about the advantages of running an Amway business by visiting Amway Now. Find a variety of top-notch environment-friendly products. Amway has a longstanding legacy of protecting the environment that goes back to when the company was born. It is a business dedicated to sincerely defend and protect the planet.