Earn More as You Grow with Bronze Incentives!

Hello, beloved Amway Business Owners!

If you have read our previous news on the changes on the requirements for the Bronze Incentive, you can now check and monitor how you qualify for it with our online CorePlus digital tool. This will help you track your qualifications and monitor them on your own.

Just login to your Amway account on the Amway Philippines website, click on the “Business” tab, and then go to CorePlus. You will be redirected to our CorePlus page afterwards.

Once you’re in, you will see three (3) tabs that may help you view your qualifications: your potential earnings for the month, the requirements that you need to meet to qualify, and your eligibility.




*Disclaimer: The potential earnings you will see in the CorePlus tool will be based on your actual performance bonus for the month.

Now, let us show you a deeper look at how both incentives work and what benefits you can gain from them.

Bronze Foundation Incentive

You can earn an additional 25% multiplier to your Performance Bonus when you qualify for the Bronze Foundation Incentive (BFI) once you meet its requirements monthly. Within its 18-month qualifying period, you can receive the incentive up to a maximum of 12 payments, starting from the first month you earned it.


Bronze Builder Incentive

Just like Bronze Foundation, the Bronze Builder Incentive (BBI) also provides additional monetary benefits to you for developing a balanced structure near the start of your business. You can get an extra 30% multiplier to your Performance Bonus upon qualifying for BBI when you meet its requirements monthly.

The incentive can be earned up to a maximum of 12 payments within its 18-month qualifying period, starting from the first month you earn it.


Please note that the multipliers for BFI and BBI are fixed for every payment, and you can possibly earn both during the same period. However, there is also an additional benefit that you can also receive at the first month of earning BBI.

Bronze Pin

Within the very first month of earning the Bronze Builder Incentive, you can now achieve the Bronze Pin and get recognized for your efforts on your Amway business early on. From there, you could start working towards your goals, helping your fellow ABOs, and rise to higher levels and rewards while doing so.


Amway understands the struggles of setting up and growing a more sustainable business while sponsoring and aiding your fellow ABOs under you. Thus, we hope that, through the benefits and rewards of the Simplified Bronze Incentive, you will be able to grow faster and continue your journey in the right direction.

If you need more details on the Simplified Bronze Incentive and other CorePlus programs & incentives, kindly check out our training calendar and join our Core Plus Rally every month.

You may also contact our LGSTeam:

Metro Manila: Lorena Magallanes (Lorena.Magallanes@Amway.com)

CDO: Cris Siglos (Cris.siglos@amway.com)

Cebu: KC Canton (kc.canton@amway.com)

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