The Journey to 90: Amway’s Exclusive Rewards Program for new ABOs

The start of your new journey as an Amway Business Owner and Amway Exclusive Shopper just got more exciting! We’re packing your first 90 days with exciting targets and rewards – are you up for hitting some milestones?

Here’s the challenge: Discover Amway products!


*Coupons are not applicable to promotional items or Team Nutrilite packs.

✔ Click on the Add to Cart button on any regular-priced Amway product and discover your next new must-have!

✔ Enjoy PHP300 off a PHP2000 minimum purchase within the first 60 days of your registration. Coupon should be available in your account after your registration and first purchase payment.

✔ Your second purchase with Coupon #1 comes with another discount – get another PHP300 on your third purchase when you reach a minimum purchase of PHP2000.

✔ The reward doesn’t end there – your third purchase with Coupon #2 activates a third discount worth PHP400 when you purchase PHP3000 worth of products.

That’s a total of PHP1000 in discounts – double the value of your registration fee.

Make sure you use your coupons within their validity periods to avoid expiry!

All ABO challenge completers are entitled to get the following freebies:

  • Digital Certificate of Completion
  • Exclusive Sales and Marketing Plan training
  • Get featured on our social media channels

The rewards are inclusive – which means you can spread the cheer to your support peers! Special rewards will be given to participating New ABOs and Upline ABOs who meet the following criteria:

  1. New ABOs who will complete their profile (Contact Number, Bank Details, and Occupation) after registration will receive a complimentary PHP100 coupon.

      2. Upline ABOs get a PHP100 coupon and social recognition for each new ABO who can hit all the milestones and activate all three coupons mentioned above. No redemption limit so guide all your new ABOs to finish the program to earn more P100 coupons!



        FOR NEW AMWAY EXCLUSIVE SHOPPERS: you can jump straight into the treats! All new members get these complimentary coupons activated as soon as they register:

        #PlantPowered Goodness – P100 OFF on NUTRILITE™ products (including XS™ Rhodiola) worth P1,500 in a single transaction

        Hygiene Health – P100 OFF on Personal Care (GLISTER™, G&H™, SATINIQUE™) products worth P1,500 in a single transaction

        ✔ Skin Sustainability – 10% OFF on ARTISTRY™ products worth P1,500 in a single transaction (maximum of P200 discount)

        Home Buddy – P100 OFF on a minimum purchase worth P1,500 of Home and Agriculture products

        ✔ K-Glow Getter – 20% OFF on MIYU and/or ESSENTIALS BY ARTISTRY products worth P1,500 in a single transaction


        1. All NABO coupons are valid within specific days from their delivery dates. For example, they purchased and used Coupon #2 on April 1, 2022. Their next coupon will arrive right after and will be valid until April 30, 2022, which is exactly 30 days from the coupon’s delivery date.

        2. All NAES coupons are valid within 90 days from their registration date. For example, they registered on April 1, 2022. Their coupons' validity is until June 29, 2022, which is exactly 90 days from their registration date
        3. Coupon #1 of NABOs will be available in their account after paying for their first purchase during registration. If they paid via credit/debit card or GCash, their coupon should be available a few minutes after. If their order will be fulfilled and paid via Cash on Delivery (COD), their coupon will be available a few minutes after their payment has been received and posted in the system.
        4. Coupons can only be used on regular-priced products (cannot be used with other existing promotions like month-long sales, POTD, AES-exclusive Flash Sales, etc.)
        5. Coupons cannot be used on purchases of eSpring unit and/or its parts, and any Team Nutrilite™ pack.
        6. Unused and left coupons will be automatically forfeited and removed from your account on their 31st (NABO) or 91st (NAES) day from date of coupon delivery.


          Q1: Can the New ABO coupon #1 be used on the first purchase?

          A1: NO because first purchase is made within the registration process to meet the P1,000 order requirement and during this time, the system hasn’t recognized the applicant yet if s/he is a NABO or NAES.

          Q2: Other than order discounting, how else can the NABO coupons be maximized?

          A2: Unfortunately for NABOs in MLD areas, there is a P300 delivery fee if order amount is below P4,000. The three (3) coupons should cancel out the delivery fee if their orders are below P4,000 but above the coupons’ minimum purchase requirements.

          Q3: Are there any restrictions on usage of the NABO and NAES coupons?

          A3: Each of the three (3) coupons can be used to buy Amway products EXCEPT eSpring unit and parts, business kits/materials, and Team Nutrilite packs.

          Q4: I registered as a New Amway Business Owner (ABO). When do I receive my first coupon?

          A4: If you paid for your first purchase during registration via credit/debit card or GCash, you should receive your first coupon (out of three) a few minutes after your successful registration. If your first purchase will be paid via Cash on Delivery (COD), you will receive your first coupon a few minutes after you have successfully paid your order upon its arrival at your doorstep.

          Q5: I registered as a New Amway Exclusive Shopper (AES). When do I receive my five (5) complimentary coupons?

          A5: You should receive all five (5) coupons a few minutes after your successful registration.

          Q6: I’m currently an Amway Business Owner (ABO). If I convert to being an Amway Exclusive Shopper (AES), am I eligible to receive all five (5) complimentary coupons?

          A6: Yes, you will automatically receive all five (5) coupons after your successful conversion. However, your conversion to being an AES would also mean forfeiture of all your accumulated PV, GPV, and BV (and even your current pin level). Your purchase cap per item/SKU will also be limited to five (5) per month.

          Q7: I’m currently an Amway Exclusive Shopper (AES). If I convert to being an Amway Business Owner (ABO), am I eligible to receive the three (3) coupons within my first 90 days and finish the program?

          A7: Yes, you will automatically receive your first coupon after your successful conversion and first purchase order worth at least P1,000 (as a registration requirement).