Get Ready for NUTRILITE’s Race to 90!

Attention, beloved Amway Business Owners!

This coming Performance Year (PY) 2024 has remarkable things in store for one of Amway’s top brands, NUTRILITE™.

For one, the brand is turning 90 (ninety) years old since its founding in 1934, a rare achievement amongst various companies and businesses today. It is a mark of how the brand has grown in fulfilling its goal of helping and improving people’s health with the use of clean, traceable, and sustainably made plant-based products. And it is also a milestone that reinforces will continue to move forward as it adapts to the times.

However, NUTRILITE™ would not have gotten as far as it had without the tremendous help of Amway Business Owners (ABOs) like you. So, in line with our Race to 90 we have something special for you in the celebration of its 90th anniversary.

ABO Qs in Race to 90 and How It Works

NUTRILITE™’s Race to 90 is a large, year-long campaign that aims to help expand NUTRILITE’s presence and promote its nutritional, plant-based supplements to a wider audience, all before the brand’s 90th Anniversary. For ABOs, it has a section that seeks to empower and reward them, especially those who sold mostly NUTRILITE™ products and are now certified Nutrilite Health & Wellness Consultants, to reach their peak performance in PY 2024 within the campaign’s provided qualifying period.


To be eligible and qualify in it, ABOs must have the following within PY24:

  • Must be a certified Nutrilite Health & Wellness Consultant with at least 9 Q Months (December- August).
  • Must generate monthly NUTRILITE Point Value (PV)of 1,000 from December 2023 to August 2024.
  • Must also generate monthly additional Ruby PV (RPV) over their ALS RPV Target:
  • Must have 2 Bronze Builder Incentive (BBI) and 6 Bronze Foundation Incentive (BFI) qualifiers within the Platinum Group monthly.
  • Must have 10 SOP (subscription) Enrollees and 10-Day Tour Qualifiers within the Platinum Group and each Local Trip Qualification Duration.

The Great Reward After: A Trip to Wuxi


The top-performing ABOs in this program at the end of the year will win a trip to the Amway Botanical Research Center (ABRC) and NUTRILITE Farm in Wuxi, China. In this trip, you will be able to experience and explore one of Amway’s largest resources and facilities studying traditional Chinese medicinal plants and their implementation in NUTRILITE’s (and even other Amway brands’) products. Aside from this, there would also be a local view site tour, fun activities to do, and enriching business sessions from which you could learn.


It is not too late to prepare for something this big and, if you are keen on learning more about NUTRILITE™ and its works, then this opportunity might be the one for you.