Jenny Ann Madrid: Taking The First Step Towards Self- Confidence

Despite the difficulties of being a parent and the absence of her spouse, a Filipino worker employed abroad, Jenny Ann Madrid made the first step towards a better future. Read Ms. Madrid's narrative of her first year as an entrepreneur from Mindoro and how it helped her develop her speaking skills and overcome her shyness.

Newfound Confidence

Amway gave Jenny Ann the tools she needed to get over her insecurities when approaching potential customers. "I've always been hesitant to socialize with new people. I lacked confidence," she said.

She is an introvert who gets nervous just thinking about speaking in front of an audience.

Before her life with Amway, she stayed at home with her child because her spouse was working abroad to make money. Life was simple for her. She was quite reserved and only exposed to the members of her immediate family.

Things took a positive turn when she met her upline Trixie. She advised Jenny that she couldn't stay in her comfort zone for too long if she wanted to be productive. Nobody makes money or creates new networks by being silent. It is vital to interact with customers. Jenny Ann began to listen to numerous lectures at that time.

She was a silent viewer for quite some time until she was able to try doing presentations on her own. The Amway team also helped her in organizing her first presentation giving her the needed tools and visual aids. With each presentation she became more confident in speaking to different audiences.

With the help and support from her upline, she was able to become more confident.

Personality Development and Time Management

“Amway helped me develop personally while also assisting me establish a new business, “ Ms. Madrid added.

Jenny Ann is aware of how Amway helped her improve her time management abilities. She continues by describing how since joining the business, her day has become more productive. She maximizes her day by preparing her child's needs, doing household chores, talking to her husband and doing five presentations in different places. Amway’s organized system is the reason why she can complete so many tasks in a single day.

The effective time management techniques enable her to lead and coordinate with her own presentation team. Her passion for Amway and personal drive motivated her to interact with people, go through the actual mountains, and visit other isolated areas in Mindoro. Aside from that, she joined the Amway health and wellness community, Team Nutrilite, and took part in all of the fitness challenges that helped her become healthy and active.

Goals After 25 Years

Before the interview ended, she shared a tip to people who are starting up just like she did before. She emphasized how slow progress is better than quitting, and that there is surely a positive outcome waiting for you. It is important to listen to words of encouragement from people you know, especially those who are also with Amway.

"Getting started is difficult. There would be obstacles, but that is expected. Never be demotivated when you feel uninspired. Be optimistic. Never give up; keep going while taking breaks when you get tired,” Ms. Madrid answered when asked about tips on starting a business.

Jenny Ann also thinks that working toward your goals despite obstacles will motivate you. She stresses that consistency and confidence are the two qualities required for success in any industry. It all comes down to your self-confidence and your personal approach.

"Take those who become successful because of Amway as a motivation for the next 25 years," she said as she concluded the conversation. "If they can accomplish it, I feel I can as well."

Start Your Own Business with Confidence

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