Jerome Lamparas: Finding Success from Chance & Hard Work

Jerome Lamparas once dreamed of becoming a flight attendant as a child, but his career path led him to becoming a banker and, later, an Amway Business Owner (ABO). Of course, success didn’t happen to him overnight and it took him 16 years to reap what he has sown. And in that decade and a half, he went from quitting his 9-to-5 job to becoming a full time Amway Business Owner. In short, this is not how he envisioned his life when he grew up.

However, it is a life he has found fulfillment in.

So, how did it all start?


From A Chance Meeting to A New Opportunity

It began when Amway was introduced to Jerome way back in 2007 by his officemate, Danny Cudiamat. He was encouraged to attend an actual demonstration of Amway’s products, which led him to be invited to join an Amway meeting in Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City. This gathering showcased more items from Amway, with each one capturing his attention more and more. Jerome became curious and did all that he could to learn more about Amway, its products, its compensation plan, and the opportunities it brought.

In the end, there were two things that convinced him to pursue his path with Amway: its Products and Compensation Plan. Both things solidified his choice on the matter and changed his life forever, which led to him ending his career in the banking industry to become a fulltime Amway Business Owner.


Learning The Ropes from Brilliant Business Leaders

It’s often a common strategy that, when entering a new venture, you learn all that you could about it from the people who have mastered it (and continue to do so). So, being around international leaders, Jerome made sure to step up and follow his mentors’ advice and mindsets. These, in turn, helped him in his journey as an ABO and a business leader in his own right.

When asked about who he considered his business role model, he answered, “Founders Crown Ambassador (FCA) Mark Lei is noteworthy for his unwavering commitment and authentic confidence in the ability of Amway Philippines to cultivate additional Diamonds.” Mark Lei’s motivational impact is evident to his Philippine group as a lot of great business builders and leaders came from there.

The ABO Journey Goes On, with Challenges & Successes Alike

As Jerome continued his journey as an ABO and eventual business leader, he started to find a lot of fulfilling moments in his work. A few examples of them are the moments after every Amway presentation, where he gets to share with people products that he personally uses and loves.

“The satisfaction comes from not just presenting products, but from being able to endorse something that has made a positive impact on my life,” he said on the topic, adding, “This sharing not only adds value to others by introducing them to quality products but also allows me to connect on a personal level, creating a sense of authenticity and trust in the products and the Amway brand.”

Yet, being an ABO, just like many careers, also comes with its own challenges and trials, having to balance dealing with issues that their Amway business might be facing while they deal with their own personal ones. For Jerome, the hardest part for him as an ABO is dealing with distractions.

“Distractions like emails, unexpected problems, or tasks that aren't important. Managing these distractions is a big challenge because it can slow down work, mess up priorities, and make it hard to focus on what really matters for the business,” he shared. Fortunately, while it took much effort to do, he started to overcome these distractions and he continually gets better at it each following day.

“It’s important to be super organized, know what tasks are most important, and have the discipline to stick to my priorities. But it's not just about organizing time – it's also about staying emotionally balanced, especially when there's a constant push and pull between urgent problems and long-term goals,” he explained. Becoming an ABO is very easy, staying in the business is a choice.

And staying in the business is only made possibly by ABOs because of the reasons and goals they have for continuing their journey. Jerome’s goal of becoming a Diamond by A70 and his vision of having Amway in every Filipino home certainly drives him to further reach newer heights and self-improve.

However, his biggest drive in staying and excelling in the business is his desire for personal growth and for securing financial stability for both his own future and his family's. All these combined continue to inspire him and give his journey a meaningful purpose.



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