Maribel & Glenn Dahan: A Spark Of Hope And Opportunity

When it comes to practicing a healthy lifestyle, it’s easy for a lot of us to just talk the talk, and not walk the walk. But for Emerald Maribel Dahan, she makes sure she and her family get the essential nutrients that they need on a daily basis. With the help of various fruits, vegetables, and Amway supplements, she is able to provide her and her family with health-boosting nutrients and the best care of all — a mother’s genuine love..

Beginning the Path to Good Health

Maribel and Glenn’s Amway journey began a decade ago, when a work colleague who happened to be an entrepreneur showed her the Amway catalog. Initially, she thought that the products were expensive, but when the opportunity arose and her colleague invited her to a business seminar, she went for it.

What attracted Maribel to the business was the extra income she could potentially receive as an entrepreneur. However, what struck her the most was seeing Business Owners who were full-time moms dedicated to raising their kids who did not have to work. She felt hope and became encouraged to dream again.

Although she experienced financial challenges at first and could not afford the products at that time, her upline was able to lend her the products. And as a popular saying goes, “the rest was history.” She shared her excitement with her friends and gladly told them about the potential opportunities of Amway supplements, particularly NUTRILite supplements.

Many years later, she not only achieved success as a prominent entrepreneur in her area, but was also able to learn various health-related insights. These lessons did not just benefit her, but her family in the long run too.

For instance, when she became pregnant at the height of the COVID-19 lockdown, she discovered that many of her numbers were alarmingly high after a check-up. Not to be fazed, she turned to a low-carbohydrate diet, lessened her intake of sugar, and took vitamin supplements. In no time, she was able to go back to her pre-pregnancy weight.

These days, she is teaching her kids the importance of both eating fruits and vegetables every day and making sure they take their vitamins. Her family sticks to a daily routine powered by Amway products such as NUTRILite Double X, NUTRILite Cal Mag D, NUTRILite Acerola C Chewable, and even NUTRILite Kids and Vitamins Chewables.

Success Gained, Dreams Fulfilled

With Amway, Maribel gained more than just added health knowledge and financial stability. She also gained a new outlook in life, and it provided her with an opportunity to dream and hope for a better tomorrow.

She couldn’t help but turn emotional as she recounted her experiences in the beginning — how she had to start from zero and work her way up. By being an entrepreneur, “natupad ang dreams namin” and “secured ang future ng kids because of the ongoing income while we work the business.” She was also able to help other people and become accountable to a team so they can attain the success she did.

Much like Maribel and Glenn, you can take charge of your own health and your own future by signing up as an Amway Business Owner. Learn more about the benefits of Amway products, as well as other opportunities waiting for you by visiting Amway Now.