Mark Lei: A Self-Made Success

How far would you go to reach your dream? That’s a question a lot of people have on their minds when they think about their careers and other aspirations in life.

It may be hard to believe because of his vast success, but Amway GAR Founders Crown Ambassador Mark Lei had this question in his mind when he was just starting out. Growing up poor in Taiwan, his family struggled to make ends meet. To get through his university days, he had to work at the night market while fulfilling his duties as a student in the morning.

But just like a lot of Amway Business Owners (ABO), a chance encounter with a schoolmate led him to the business that eventually changed his life for good.

With Manifestation, You Can Achieve Your Life Goals

He was on his way to his university’s library when he was approached by a schoolmate. During this time, Amway had just started in Taiwan, and the catalog was composed of just eight cleaning products. Intrigued by the business and the idea that this would help him financially he sacrificed one night at the market where he worked and went to the meeting.

At the event, not only did he understand how Amway operated as a business but how it may help him achieve his dream of success.

Once he got home, he felt energized and sleepless at the same time, eager to begin this new journey. He asked the schoolmate who introduced Amway to him to teach him more about the business. Ultimately, he manifested two things: his success at Amway and his rise to becoming a Crown Ambassador.

In two decades, he was able to achieve these milestones, on top of meeting prominent figures both inside and outside of the business, traveling around the world, and owning properties that he thought just existed in his dreams.

Power of the Dream

Much like a lot of success stories, the road to becoming an Amway Crown Ambassador was not smooth-sailing. When Mark started working the business, he had to make do with a “6th-hand” car to go around and conduct presentations by writing on papers taped onto a wall.

But the lack of the latest car models or work tools was not a hindrance for Mark Lei — he persisted. According to him, “Tough times never last, but tough people do.”

With that, Mark Lei made an effort to conduct hands-on demonstrations and lectures about the benefits and uses of various Amway products to potential business owners. It was this same go-getter mindset that allowed his business to spread via word of mouth and prompted Amway to recognize the strategies he employed as business owner.

He was first invited to his first Amway conference in Singapore back in 1987 and since then he has not missed an opportunity to positively impact and inspire hundreds of people to chase and work hard for their dreams. He even established his own training center to share the secrets to his success and allow others to benefit from his learnings.

In fact, he shared in one of his speaking engagements that his Downlines (as well as their downlines) have achieved success as Diamonds as well. Most importantly, he recalls, they joined Amway not just to make a profit, but to help people improve their lives as well.

Mark Lei’s rags-to-riches story shows that you don’t need the fanciest tools, gimmicks or a lot of money to achieve success and positively impact other people’s lives. He is living proof that hard work, grit, determination, and willingness to learn and help others are key in fulfilling your dreams and goals.

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