The Wonders of Virtual Learning: 3 Paths for ABOs

In the pre-pandemic era, face-to-face ABO training was the norm. As travel restrictions were implemented and more and more people worked from home, a transition to an online setup also began.

There are currently three learning paths available to ABOs - Zoom, Facebook (FB) Live, and LMS. Read on to learn more about these three options.

Live Virtual Training via Zoom


This initiative began in March 2020. There are two types of Live Training: open and exclusive.

Open training is accessible for everyone. Aside from being conducted on Zoom, the open sessions are also live-streamed on the Amway Philippines Training FB page. Meanwhile, exclusive or Line of Sponsorship (LOS) training is only available for specific teams. If you're interested in this program, feel free to submit a request.

This online learning opportunity has made it possible to reach ABOs who had difficulty attending face-to-face classes. Now, ABOs can access lessons wherever they are. The online platform also allows ABOs and trainers to interact as a community from their homes.

With the live virtual sessions, ABOs can continuously expand their knowledge about the business and Amway products. Plus, it encourages some of them to be more vocal with their questions and ideas since they can type them out instead of speaking in front of a crowd. They also get to share and pick up valuable insights from their leaders and fellow ABOs.

Watch Training Videos on FB Live


Find it challenging to keep up with training via Zoom? Don't worry. You can also watch via Facebook. Just visit our page at Amway Philippines Training, a new learning platform that debuted in May 2021.

Missed a session or simply feel like refreshing your memory? You can rewatch previous sessions on our Facebook page as well. From there, you can access training videos. Live virtual classes on Zoom are streamed on the page in real-time.

When you view the page, you'll find educational videos about Nutrilite: Decoding Food and Nutrition Labels, Growing Plants Using Cuttings, and more. What’s more, you may also share the videos with your family, friends, or customers.

Online Courses via LMS


Do you enjoy learning at your own pace? Or maybe you want to delve deeper into a topic? Quench your thirst for knowledge by exploring online courses on LMS.  

You can view these courses by following these steps:

1. Sign in to your account at the Amway Philippines website. 

2. Find the "Education" button and click it. Then, select the "Online Training" option from the list. 

3. Pick what you like from the available courses. You may also use the search bar to look for specific titles.

The arrival of COVID-19 has inspired us to come up with creative ways to keep the human connection alive. These online platforms give ABOs a place to mingle with one another while staying at home. The shift to digital also allows for self-paced learning and makes it possible for participants to join a session from anywhere.