This easier and more rewarding journey awaits all new entrepreneurs and customers this 2023!

Starting February 20 is our new rewards program that is easier and more rewarding!

Simply, ask your new customers (and yourself) what their health and wellness goals are. Want to be healthier and more beautiful? Want to ignite your weight loss resolution? How about a healthier home and family?

Then, show them our precise product solutions based on their lifestyle.

Finally, encourage them to sustain their healthier, more beautiful lifestyle through our new program!

All they need to do is complete the 3-month program and reap the ultimate rewards after! Perfect for their healthier, more beautiful ‘millennial mom’ lifestyle!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Am I eligible to join this new rewards program?

A: As long as your registration date falls within the year of 2023, you are 100% eligible!

Q: How do I receive my first discount coupon?

A: Your coupon will become available in your account after the purchase you made within 90 days from your sign-up date. Purchases made on your 91st day onwards will not be counted anymore so start shopping now!

Q: What coupon do I receive after my first purchase?

A: Depends on the product you purchased. See chart above for your guidance.

Q: How many coupons will I receive?

A: You can receive all three coupons based on your purchases within 90 days from your sign-up date! However, you may only receive each coupon once even if you purchase multiple times within 90 days.

Q: What if I purchased a product from the Health & Beauty profile and another product from Home & Family in one transaction/order, which coupon will I receive?

A: You will receive two (2) coupons – one (1) from each profile.

Q: What if I bought Nutrilite Acerola C today from the Health & Beauty profile and received my coupon, and then I bought Nutrilite Omega 3 the next day, which is also under the Health & Beauty profile, will I get another coupon?

A: No. You may only receive one (1) coupon per profile.

Q: What if I bought Nutrilite Acerola C today from the Health & Beauty profile and received my coupon, and then I bought Nutrilite All Plant Protein Powder from the Healthy Weight profile the next day, will I get two (2) coupons?

A: Yes. You will get two (2) profile coupons – one (1) for Health & Beauty and one (1) for the Healthy Weight.

Q: I saw some products such as Satinique and XS Rhodiola 110 that belonged to two (2) profiles. Does that mean if I purchase either of them, I will receive a total of two (2) coupons?

A: Yes. You will get two (2) coupons – one for each profile represented by the product.

Q: What is the validity period of my coupon?

A: Thirty-five (35) days from the date when you can start using them. You may find it in the details of your coupon enrolled in your account under Coupon Management.

Q: Why is there a 30-day delay on the coupon usage for Months 2 & 3 Solutions from the date I received it?

A: Our monthly solutions are designed to help you try, appreciate, and advocate the products you purchased before jumping to try other products. This will also help you ensure that you have monthly purchases to keep your Amway account healthy and active.

Q: My coupon expired. Can I still finish any of the 3-month solution and be eligible for the ultimate reward?

A: No. It is important to use the monthly discount coupons before expiry to maintain your eligibility for the ultimate reward.

Q: Is it possible for me to finish two (2) different 3-month solutions within my first 90 days?

A: Yes! As long as you use all monthly discount coupons of each 3-month solution, you’re good to go!