3 Skincare Steps You Shouldn’t Skip for Healthy, Glowing Skin

From busy weekends to even busier working days, one’s life has been filled with to-dos that they tend to forget looking after themselves.  

It is always a must to make time for oneself and always look their very best no matter what the day it is.  

Achieving a fresh look is not that hard. It does not even have to be expensive. It only takes a few basic routines to get the look without having to break a bank. 

Here are three basic skincare tips to look fresh according to a dermatologist.  

Sunscreen Before Sun Exposure  

No matter how you are cramming to go out for a busy day ahead, never forget to put on sunscreen. Sunscreen protects the skin against harmful rays and can prevent skin cancer. According to dermatologist Dr. Claude Javier, it also helps to reduce sunspots and burns brought by direct exposure to the sun. Go for a sunscreen that offers SPF 30 or higher and is water-resistant. She emphasizes avoiding direct sun exposure, especially from 10 a.m to 3 p.m when ultraviolet rays are at their strongest.   

Get Enough Sleep  

“The skin gets its natural moisturization if there is enough sleep,” Dr. Javier says. “People who sleep seven to nine hours have moisturized skin rather than those who lack sleep.” 

With sleep, the skin also gets more protection from ultraviolet light and can heal itself better. Enough sleep is one of the dermatologist tips for acne solutions that you do not have to spend on. While you sleep, the skin gets to rest as well. It goes through a restoration process where skin cells regenerate quickly, especially at night. Blood flow in the skin is even better during sleeping hours, which effectively distributes the needed nutrients to recover from the day’s exposure to harmful elements.   

Drink Your Water  

Drinking water has proved a lot of health benefits. The skin is one of the major beneficiaries of its advantages. Drinking water gives you a natural fresh glow and is one of the best clear skin tips a dermatologist will tell you.  

The body has a lot of harmful toxins that need to be flushed out. By increasing water intake, toxins are removed from the body. Enough water consumption also results in skin elasticity, Dr. Javier adds. This means you will less likely have to deal with scars, wrinkles, and soft lines.  

Proper care for the skin is a way to look fresh. It is only a matter of caring for the skin and having a positive outlook in life that will make you look and feel fresh day in and out.