A healthy glow head to toe

You may not think of skin as being a defensive organ, but it is! Our skin provides a layer of protection from head to toe against all the crud and dirt the environment throws at us every day. Maintaining a strong skin barrier is the first step to help prevent damage, stress, dehydration, or anything else that can compromise the skin.

A critical part of that step includes a healthy microbiome, or invisible eco-system of good bacteria that lives on the skin, to help keep it in fighting condition. When skin is in a balanced, harmonious state, it’s a winning combo for keeping good stuff in and bad stuff out. But when skin health is off, the guard comes down. Keep skin in a healthy place with these five happy-skin habits:

Be gentle to skin

Harsh cleansers can mess up the healthy balance of good and bad bacteria and rob skin’s ability to protect itself. Skin redness, dullness or super dry or oily spots are all telltale signs your microbiome is off. Try the G&H Nourish+™ Body Wash. After washing, gently pat skin dry with a towel so you don’t lose all that helpful hydration.


Pack skin with protection

Skin is our largest organ and needs to be protected for optimal skin condition. Sunscreen still matters for skin protection from blue light on devices and screens, so make sure your products offer you some SPF protection – yes, even when you’re indoors!

Repair skin while you rest

Night-time is an excellent time to revitalize skin, so it is ready for the next day of potential insults. Make sure you get enough hydration throughout the day before bedtime and that you get enough sleep to feel refreshed the next day! After showering at night, make sure you use moisturizer to hydrate your skin – try the G&H Nourish+ Body Milk.

Focus within for visibly healthy skin

Skin health is not just an outside job, a healthy diet on the inside makes a big difference in your skin’s condition. Foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins help the body function its best – and look great too.

Stress less for your skin’s sake

Lifestyle plays an important role in skin health too – hello, stress skin! Stress can trigger skin sensitivity, irritation, acne and other skin problems that cause an imbalance. Managing your stress can do more than clear your mind, it can help clear your skin too. Try getting a good night of sleep, delegating a to-do list or going for a walk with a friend.

Don’t underestimate the power of your healthy skin! Develop healthy skin habits now to keep skin’s defense on guard and win with optimal skin condition.