Refine Your Eye Looks with The New Plant-Powered Artistry Go Vibrant Eye Makeup


Doing something seemingly small can greatly impact how you bring your look together. No wonder, putting on a liner or shaping your eyebrows with a brow pencil feels like a necessity. However, living the hectic working life isn’t always going to give ladies enough time to perfect their techniques or even get the best they can afford more than half the time.

Fortunately, Artistry™ brings this good news to all women: their new, clean, and ultra-performative Go Vibrant™ Eye Makeup Collection. It is a collection made to fill the need for high-impact pigments and shades in makeup while ensuring that the products’ ingredients are plant-based, healthy, and traceable. In short, they are there to make you look good and take care of your skin.

For a more refined and natural eye look, check these out:

For The Brows


If you want fuller brows that last long, look neat, and still have a natural feel, your best bet is the Artistry™ Go Vibrant™ Waterproof Brow Pencil & Tinted Gel. Available in dark brown and taupe, this two-in-one combo helps give your brows better definition, shape, and color while letting you explore different looks with its triangular-shaped tip and gel. It also comes with a custom vitamin complex and plant extracts like Brassica napus seed oil and coco-glycerides that moisturize your skin and condition your (brow) hair. With that, you can wear your full brows well into the day without worrying about dryness or stray strands.

For The Eyelids


The Artistry™ Go Vibrant™ Waterproof Pencil Eyeliner is a must-try for anyone searching for an easier and neater finish. Coming in either natural black or brown, its easy glide application and high pigmentation helps give you your daily, long-lasting looks. And with a formula that contains shea butter, sunflower oil and Vitamin E, it is guaranteed comfortable to wear and good for the sensitive skin around your eyes. Perfect for both experienced and first-time makeup users, along with those who need to line their eyes in a short amount of time and in a precise way.

For The Lashes


Need a way to make longer, more polished looks for your lashes while keeping them healthy? Try the Artistry™ Go Vibrant™ Waterproof Length Serum Mascara. Its rich pigment and lengthening serum allow for darker, lengthier lashes that still boost your eyes’ natural beauty all day long. And with a formula filled with vitamins E & C and ingredients like jojoba extract that support skin health and hair growth, you don’t have to worry about damaged lashes anytime soon.

Healthy Beauty in A Glance

The Artistry™ Go Vibrant™ Eye Makeup Set proves that making your eyes and yourself beautiful doesn’t have to come at the cost of your skin’s wellness. And this is especially true when it concerns something as sensitive as your eyes. The three items mentioned above function excellently and are as skin-loving as possible, much like most Artistry products. So, don’t be afraid to add color to your eyes or eyebrows and hone your best looks with Artistry™ Go Vibrant™ Eye Makeup products today!