A Bronze Know-How for ABOs: Restart, Rewards, and Recognition


Nothing more than surprises welcomed all our cherished Amway Business Owners (ABOs) since we embraced the new fiscal year. In the last little while, we introduced Simplified Bronze, our modified business structure removing specific pain points to amplify earning of bonuses.

We have also tackled how to gain more benefits from Bronze Foundation Incentives (BFI) and Bronze Builder Incentives (BBI). In essence, we have emphasized that there is no limit to how much our partner leaders can earn in exchange for continuously growing their businesses.

And yet, our telling of good news is far from over with the following:

Unlock Your Bronze Restart

For ABOs who have completed the 18 months of BFI and BBI, now marks your chance to start your Bronze journey afresh and requalify! This opportunity offers every emerging leader the prospect of reaping the rewards and advantages of the said program.

You can assess your eligibility with the below criteria: 

For BFI Restart

  • Those who achieved a 15% Performance Bonus or lower during the Performance Year 2023
  • Have either graduated or will graduate from the original BFI within Performance Year 2024.

For BBI Restart

  • Those who held a rank below Silver Producer in Performance Year 2023
  • Have either graduated or will graduate from the original BFI within Performance Year 2024.


Earn that Bronze Consistency Rewards

Meanwhile, the Bronze Builder Consistency Bonus is another reward that awaits the business leaders. It is intended to honor ABOs who demonstrated consistent efforts in building their business by selling to customers and assisting other personally sponsored ABOs.

To be eligible for the Consistency Reward, one must maintain their qualification as Bronze Builders for at least six (6) consecutive months. Of course, more perks are awarded to those who will retain their standing for 12 consecutive months.


Reach for the Recognition

Once again, Amway is a place where your perseverance pays off. Here with us, there is no ceiling to how much you can earn while expanding your horizon and diversifying your milestones.

And because your achievements are also ours to celebrate, we would like to recognize all business builders who reached the Bronze level. 

Congratulations to the below graduates and qualifiers of Bronze Foundation Incentive and the recipients of Bronze Pin for the Performance Year 2023!