Achieve Your Best Glow with These Zen + Energy Skincare Ingredient Combos!


The demands of a busy life tend to make us *unintentionally* skip caring for our skin's well-being. Little do we realize; fatigue and stress are the ultimate culprits behind our lack of glow.

Once those long work hours, forgotten hydration breaks, and sleepless nights pile up, they leave a visible mark on our skin in the form of an unhealthy complexion. All these that none of us deserve!

But FYI, just as we crave moments of calmness, our skin also yearns for tender and loving care to combat the effects of modern-day living. And that's precisely where the perfect balance of Zen + Energy comes into play to shake up your skincare routine and breathe new life into your tired complexion.

So, what is Zen + Energy balance in skincare exactly?

Stemming from the Japanese philosophy of finding inner peace, Zen captures the essence of granting the skin what it needs to combat stressors. Alternatively, the concept of Energy takes inspiration from the intent to provide a refreshing lift by nurturing the skin from within.

Together, the calming kiss of Zen and the reviving embrace of Energy make up a comprehensive skincare approach that not only beautifies but nourishes. And guess what? This rare combination is found only in the line of multi-benefit products from  Artistry™ Studio Skin™. 

For that radiance and confidence boost you're after, here are fantastic pairs of Zen + Energy skincare ingredients that can help you seize the glowment!

Aloe Vera + Bamboo Grains

Although aloe vera and bamboo grains have many uses, they can become our skin's strong ally with the correct formulation. The cooling properties of aloe vera make it an excellent rejuvenating skin agent. On the other hand, bamboo grains are rich in antioxidants and compounds for natural shine and exfoliation.

Fortunately, the collaboration between aloe vera and bamboo grains comes alive in Artistry™ Studio Skin™ Cleanser + Exfoliator. With a delicate understanding of our skin language, it clears impurities and unclogs pores to reveal a smoother, more even skin tone and texture.


Rose and Lilac + Salicylic Acid 1%

Rose and lilac are famous for their beauty and fragrances. But beyond the sweet scent and aesthetics, their true talent lies in naturally soothing and hydrating our skin. Meanwhile, salicylic acid is an essential blemish-fighting skin agent that deeply penetrates the outermost layer of the face.

Together, the dynamic duo of rose and lilac combined with salicylic acid finds a home in Artistry™ Studio™ Anti-Blemish Toner + Pore Refresher. Like partners in crime, they effectively clear the skin and empower its renewal process by controlling blackheads and preventing outbreaks.


Lilac Extract + Salicylic Acid 2%

When talking about skincare, lilac is the knight in shining armor that counterattacks redness and inflammation while controlling excessive oil in the face. For its part, just the right amount of salicylic acid aids in shedding unwanted skin and works to combat blemishes upon absorption.

Thankfully, Artistry™ carefully harnessed the harmonious balance of lilac extract and salicylic acid in its Studio Skin™ Anti-Blemish Treatment + Clearing Gel. For a promised improved complexion, it chases away active acne using a lightweight formula perfect for the Philippine weather.


Shea + Superfruit Juice

While superb for food preparations, Shea has been hailed across centuries as a skincare and cosmetics treasure due to its soothing touch. In contrast, the superfruit juice is mainly sourced from Açai berries that boast more antioxidants than common berries and are rich in anti-aging attributes.

When destiny allows shea and superfruit juice to meet, the one-of-a-kind result is the Artistry™ Studio™ Hydration + Antioxidant Boost Moisturizer. It protects the skin against environmental stress and offers a nurturing experience to bring out your best radiance.


Avocado + Electrolytes & Caffeine

Besides being the star ingredient for sweet and tasty preparations, avocado is also a good source of soothing hydration for the skin. On the flip side, though often found in some food and beverages, electrolytes and caffeine are elements that hold the potential to brighten and refreshen the face.

Yet again, Artistry™ meticulously learned of a fusion that is another cherished gem in skincare. The blend of avocado, electrolytes, and caffeine is present in Studio Skin™ Highlighting + Cooling Eye Serum, your best friend in reducing puffiness and replenishing dull skin around the eyes.


Why wait any longer? Treat your skin to a Zen + Energy experience with Artistry Studio™ Skin now!