Artistry launches clean, traceable, vegan skincare line

At the core of the Artistry™ brand is the promise of Healthy Beauty. Building on a combined 145 years of experience, many Artistry™ products are powered by cutting-edge skin science and plant-based botanicals.

This 9.9, we’re launching the new Artistry Skin Nutrition™ line, which uses Nutrilite™-grown ingredients that are traceable from seed to skin to ensure they’re pure, safe and effective. The new collection is also formulated according to the Artistry™ Clean guidelines with Vegan* formulas and is registered with the Vegan society.

By using our star ingredient, White Chia Seed, you get a traceable, vegan, skincare line that offers a broad range of benefits for a Healthy Beauty that’s uniquely you. Here’s the rundown on the collection:

Artistry™ Skin Nutrition Micellar Makeup Remover + Cleanser


This multi-action Micellar Makeup Remover + Cleanser is highly effective at removing makeup, gently cleansing skin, and removing irritating pollution and impurities in a single step. The no-rinse formula refreshes and conditions skin, leaving it feeling supple and comfortable, with no oily residue. It even conditions eyelashes. Get it here.

Use: Simply shake the bottle to blend the two layers and use a cotton pad to sweep over skin. No water needed.

Artistry™ Skin Nutrition Renewing Foam Cleanser


Cleanse and condition skin with a rich, creamy foam that hydrates while quickly and gently removing dirt, makeup residue, pollution and other impurities from skin. The gentle and effective formula includes our patented blend of Shiso Perilla and Aloe Vera to help reduces irritation and rescue skin from that “stretched thin” feeling of taut dryness for a soft, supple and comfortable feel. Try it and see for yourself!

Artistry™ Skin Nutrition Renewing Softening Toner


Experience a fresh burst of hydration after cleansing with soothing moisture that absorbs easily for a dewy-drenched and oh-so-comforted feeling. The milky formula is infused with White Chia Seed Gel to stabilize, strengthen and balance skin’s microbiome, while nourishing ingredients help ease the signs of irritation for a healthy, radiant and revitalized looking complexion. Apply with a cotton pad to remove impurities and cleansing residue and prepare skin for optimum skincare benefits. Check it out here!

Artistry™ Skin Nutrition Renewing Reactivation Cream and Eye Cream


Reactivate skin’s natural ability to look younger and healthier with 24 hours of renewing, cushioning moisture! All Renewing Reactivation formulas help supercharge skin’s moisture levels to visibly reduce the look of lines and wrinkles and restore and strengthen skin. Skin looks immediately more radiant and appears more even toned, resilient and firmer as a healthier look is restored.

The Artistry™ Skin Nutrition Renewing Reactivation Cream is your new luxurious go-to face cream, and you can pair it with the Artistry™ Skin Nutrition Renewing Eye Cream, which smooths visible lines, deep-set wrinkles and crow’s feet, reduces the look of puffiness and dark circles, and visibly firms and lifts around the delicate eye area. Helps condition and strengthen lashes too! Bonus: Makeup-friendly.

Each formula is powered by our Repair Complex, a blend of Spinach plus Turmeric and Tea Olive Flower, to help restore skin’s youthful condition and help reverse the visible signs of aging, and Pomegranate to protect skin from six major types of pollution and help soothe, calm and strengthen skin to defend against premature visible aging.

Artistry™ Skin Nutrition Firming Ultra Lifting Cream


If you have dry skin, you can opt out of the Renewing Reactivation Cream and add the Artistry™ Skin Nutrition Firming Ultra Lifting Cream to your cart instead. This formula pampers dry skin with our richest, most comprehensive anti-aging moisturizer! This intensively nourishing, multi-action cream delivers an immediate revitalizing surge of moisture followed by 24-hour hydration. It firms the appearance of sagging skin, and reduces the look of lines, deep-set wrinkles, expression lines and discolorations, for a rosy, youthful glow and visibly healthy skin. You can also pair this with the Artistry™ Skin Nutrition Renewing Eye Cream, so you can get that bounce and vitality around the eyes too. 😉

Powered by our Repair Complex, a blend of Spinach plus Turmeric and Tea Olive Flower to help restore skin’s youthful condition and help reverse the visible signs of aging. Pomegranate helps protect skin from six major types of pollution and keeps dry, delicate skin soothed, calmed and strengthened.

Very Dry skin types will love this cream AM (with a sunscreen product of your choice) and PM. It’s also ideal for Normal to Dry and Dry skin as a night cream, in cold weather, or when traveling. Melt on fingertips and smooth over skin for an exquisite moment of intensive nourishment and moisture.

Healthy beauty begins with skin that looks and feels healthy. That’s because when skin has what it needs to look and feel healthy, it is better able to protect itself and repair its appearance — to look and feel its radiant best. Building on a combined 145 years of experience, the Artistry™ brand showcases the harmonious partnership of powerful, plant-based ingredients and groundbreaking science with the launch of the Artistry Skin Nutrition™ collection. Artistry™ scientists discovered skin looks its healthiest when 5 key Skin Nutritional Requirements are addressed to purify, balance, rebuild, moisturize and protect the skin.

Artistry Skin Nutrition™ products were created to work like supplements for the skin to fulfill these requirements and improve skin’s healthy look with a simple regimen. These are the guiding promises for all Artistry Skin Nutrition™ products and reinforce the true meaning of Artistry™ Healthy Beauty – with no compromises.