Amway & FLN Paves Way for Future Leaders in FLN Outreach 2023

Leadership has always been and remains to be a fundamental part of any group, big or small. However, what determines a group’s continued success, prosperity, and welfare is the capability and character of its leader. Great examples of this are fathers that provide, care for, and protect their families, from whom children will learn what it means to lead even in their earliest years.


This is the reality that Amway Philippines and the Future Leaders Network (FLN), a group dedicated to pushing for positive change by helping develop leadership skills in the youth, both saw and have based much of their advocacy and projects on.


So, on June 22, 2023, the two partnered together and hosted the NextGen Leaders Towards Building Stronger Communities Outreach for and at the Rafael Palma Elementary School, in Zobel Roxas, Makati City.

Conceptualized and executed as a way of helping our adopted school via the Department of Education’s (DepEd) Adopt-a-School program and as an expression of our “We Before Me” philosophy, Amway ensured that the NextGen Leader Outreach 2023 managed to highlight the importance of leadership to younger generations and the crucial role fathers have in it when it comes to community building. It also strove to add focus to the need and role of self-care in good leadership that could inspire and transform families, communities, organizations, and society for the better, whether you are a student still learning the ropes or a dad caring and supporting his family.


The outreach was composed of three well-researched and prompt talks held by Amway personnel and came with a large supply of wellness packs that was distributed later into the event. Amway volunteers (ABOs and employees alike) facilitated the entire event, with the help and support of Rafael Palma Elementary School’s administration. The attendees were composed of 50 Grade 6 students and some of their parents (mostly fathers), in which both groups were the beneficiaries of the event. Overall, Amway volunteers, via this program, had a lot to work with and managed to accomplish more than they thought of.


The first talk, “NextGen Leaders: Leading with a Purpose,” was headed by Bryan Arguelles, former Amway Staff & Volunteer Team Leader. In this, Arguelles introduced and emphasized to the event’s young viewers what purposeful leadership is and the value of it in both their own lives and their community. He also sought via this lecture to equip the students with the tools and confidence to take charge and make a difference in various areas of their lives.

“Championing Fatherhood (in Celebration of Father’s Day)” was the second part of the program, which was led by Josh Corda, the Amway Contact Center Lead and another Amway Volunteer. With the talk’s beneficiaries being the 20 fathers of Grade 6 students present at the event, Corda tackled the topic of fatherhood and its vital role in forming leadership skills in children, especially with fathers being the head of the household, and in building a community.

Lastly, Janice Gallego, The Module Development Supervisor of the Amway Training Department and fellow Volunteer, closed off the program with the “Health and Wellness Tips” talk. In this discussion, she delved deeper into self-care, its importance to good leadership and to life in general, how this is also important for fathers, and also how they (the dads) can do it, too. However, this talk also benefited the students since self-care is not limited to an older demographic, and the information contained in Gallego’s lecture is useful in learning more about their own health.


Amway Volunteers also distributed 120 complementary wellness packs to the attendees, each one filled with both Nutrilite™ Garlic and Nutrilite™ Kids Chewable Concentrated Fruits and Vegetables Tablets. Both supplements were full of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that would help the students and their fathers greatly in their own self-care journeys, providing the necessary phytonutrients many people need.

Amway did this to ensure that not only will the students and their families leave with a more enriched knowledge, sense, and perspective on leadership, fatherhood, and self-care, but also to have the means and starter support to apply what they have learned ready and cost-free.


Overall, the NextGen Leaders Outreach 2023 by Amway and FLN finished with many of its goals met and hopefully with its impact leading to a more lasting change with the students and their families present there. With this, both young and old participants in this event would be able to be more assertive in the various aspects of their lives while also being more equipped to handle the obstacles they may encounter in the future and to lead more purposeful, healthy, and happy lives.

And much of this wouldn’t have been possible without the perseverance and care of the Amway volunteers and FLN that spearheaded and facilitated this outreach. As much as possible, Amway works to not only help people, especially the next generations after us, only by our products, but also in being there for them and doing programs and activities like this to help better their lives in more concrete ways.