Foo Howe Kean: Generosity that Transcends Beyond Business


Against the backdrop of Amway as the globe's leading marketing and direct-selling company, part of the outfit's legacy is promoting the heart of volunteerism to help those in need.

For instance, Amway Philippines has since joined hands with several non-governmental organizations and government agencies to uphold the commitment to give back by tapping into the different sectors of society. Within the scope of the promise is advocating for good health and proper nutrition that started with preventing child malnutrition in 2017 and eventually expanded to include environment, stewardship, and sustainability.

In light of this, Amway's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) launched the Nutrilite™ Supplemental Program in 2017. It hopes to center on improving the health and wellness of the young ones to build sustainable communities. From the time it started, the campaign has undeniably made a significant impact by nurturing countless young individuals.

Of course, none of these efforts would be possible if not for the assistance Amway has received behind the curtain. One of the sorts is the philanthropic visionary, Mr. Foo Howe Kean.

Mr. Foo's Php3M donation for Amway's CSR

An Amway Top Leader and Founders Crown Ambassador, Mr. Foo Howe Kean was once an aspiring boss whose journey with Amway started in 1987. Although faced with severe failures in his initial steps, Mr. Foo's passion and determination soon resulted in him climbing the ladder to higher success.

Now a global entrepreneur and an esteemed business leader in the Amway world, Mr. Foo has also become a philanthropist with proven demonstration and exceptional commitment to Amway's CSR Programs. His shared belief in the company's goal to bring positive change made him a beacon of inspiration for all.

In a recent act of benevolence, Mr. Foo donated a remarkable sum of ₱3M to advance further the three key developments Amway Philippines steadfastly supports: Health and Nutrition, Empowerment, and Environment and Sustainability.

Thus, Mr. Foo's valuable contribution has driven significant transformations in alignment with Amway's CSR initiatives.

Quenching the hunger to help

Mr. Foo first paved the way to two provisions through his donations under AM Crown Inc. and a partnership with the Rise Against Hunger Philippines. The move is motivated by the desire to ensure food security among vulnerable populations to oppose hunger and malnutrition. Under the objective, beneficiaries and their community will be provided with access to local produce and livelihood.

For the Dietary Supplemental Program, as many as 700 daycare children will benefit from the hunger relief effort. In parallel, their parents and caregivers will be subject to engage in a nutritional and wellness endeavor to help educate and promote improved lifestyles.

On the other hand, the Good Food Farm will grant urban farming and livelihood training to 100 families. The project is slated to operate for 12 months and was opened last May 17 in Taguig City, with Amway Business Owners, volunteers, and the Amway CSR Team gracing the event.

Championing the triumph of women

Next to Mr. Foo's funded community development pursuit is the Women Upscale, activated in collaboration with Gawang Kamay under Lingap Pangkabataan, Inc. The purpose of this women-centric organization in Barangay ESCOPA 3 is to intensify efforts for community transformation through heightened collaborations with the business sector and local government units.

Delving into the project, 50 beneficiaries, including mothers and young females, will be assisted in enhancing their livelihood and enterprise management skills and initiating their social micro-enterprises as legitimate sources of income. By fostering financial independence, they will develop the confidence to handle challenging situations more effectively, as studies have indicated.

Furthermore, other empowering activities and services include an orientation session on women's rights, gender mainstreaming, and prevention of violence against women and children— all these causes promote and contribute to fostering a gender-fair and child-friendly society.

Planting the seeds of hope

Finally, Mr. Foo's donation helped finance the Adopt-a-Tree Program (Environmental Stewardship) and Community Empowerment Through Social Entrepreneurship project with the Asia Society for Social Improvement and Sustainable Transformation (ASSIST). The purpose stems from the urgency to safeguard the environment and combat the far-reaching impacts of climate change.

In implementing the green campaign, no lower than 500 trees will be planted, maintained, and developed on a hectare of land site in a protected area in Bulacan. The target is to attempt to restore diversity through reforestation with the help of Green Earth Philippines, reputed for upholding the livelihood of farmers through sustainable agroforestry.

In addition, the Community Empowerment Through Social Entrepreneurship Program aims to adopt a comprehensive strategy to enhance the well-being of the recipients in the selected communities. This initiative intends to establish social enterprises that promote environmental stewardship by developing creative merchandise that utilizes the community's recyclable resources.