Leading with a Heart through Volunteerism

Helping others is not just about what one gives out of their pockets. It is also about how one can touch the lives of others and inspire them to pay the good deed forward towards a better community.

This is how Michael Padre, Home Technology Technician and After Sales Lead of Amway Philippines, sees the act of volunteerism—a selfless, heroic, and life-changing endeavor that he hopes others can also enjoy doing with all their heart. 

“Ever since I was a child, my heart is always for those people in need especially those kids/families in the streets,” Michael shares.

This is why stepping up as a volunteer came naturally for him. Michael has been a volunteer for Power of 5, one of Amway’s Corporate Social Responsibility drives since 2017. He has put his dedication to this health and wellness program that focuses on helping the kids in the community fight malnutrition. With healthy and nutritious hot meals for children in the streets of Metro Manila and remote regions of the country, Power of 5 aims to bring a healthier future for kids. Michael is also involved in other Power of 5 activities such as fundraising events in partnership with organizations like Rainbow Inclusion Network, Empowered Women Network & Future Leaders Network. These events vary in platforms but all zero into the goal of donating cash for Power of 5 activities.

Being a volunteer of Power of 5 is not a hard task, Michael shares. The materials you need during the activity are supplied for volunteers. However, it takes great commitment and dedication for one to truly appreciate volunteerism. “What matters the most as a volunteer is your interest, the effort to do things & willingness to be involved,” he says.

Life transformation

For someone who has been doing volunteer work for years, Michael has memorized how volunteerism works. But volunteerism is not just about helping others. It also brings great changes to one’s perspective in life. 

Michael says that this endeavor transformed him to become a better person. “I learned to be thankful & contented in my life. I learned to share blessings to other people especially those who are in need.”

While many may find giving food and donating cash to the poor in the community as a way of helping, volunteerism takes helping to a higher level. It requires a broad perspective on the current situation of those in need and a deeper understanding of what needs to be done. 

Michael adds, “Volunteerism is an upgraded way of these simple things. I was doing all these before but with volunteerism, I exert more time & effort to help more people. Volunteerism is making yourself involved.”

Leading with a heart

As a volunteer who has also guided and inspired other volunteers, Michael was able to hone himself as a leader. In every activity they do for Power of 5, he takes with him the principle of “Lead with Heart” which puts value on the welfare of others while creating an impact that lasts. 

“Leading means guidance & leadership,” he says. “Leading with a heart completely changes the meaning of just a simple leadership.”

He adds, “When we put our hearts in all we do, we will be considering all aspects that concern the wellness of other people, strike a balance on the impact for everyone and the feelings of other people involved.”

Call for volunteers

For those who have not done volunteer work and might want to try it, Michael says that now’s the time to make the great leap. 

Through the years, Michael has experienced immersion at the grassroots level—from meeting indigenous children, interacting with street kids, visiting typhoon-stricken areas, and getting involved in promoting livelihood programs. 

While some of these activities may have been halted due to the pandemic, volunteering for Power of 5 is still possible—online. Interested volunteers can join fun activities via virtual conferences on Zoom with raffle prizes and exciting freebies for registrants. Proceeds of these online activities go directly to the fund of Power of 5.

Through his story, Michael hopes to see more people stepping in as leaders with a heart whose vision is for the benefit of others and the community in general.