10 Healthy Tips for Your Holiday Experience


Nothing gets many people as excited as the holiday season. From the gifts, delicious food, parties, vacations, and even just the general festive mood it brings, you can’t help but feel like it’s the best time to let loose and have fun. But, when health is involved, it might make the holiday fun seem like something to dread rather than get excited for. 

However, who said you can’t enjoy the holidays while staying healthy and active? 

It may be a challenge, but it is possible, as shown by studies like the one done by the BMJ, a weekly peer-reviewed journal by the British Medical Association, with additional info and review from the Harvard Medical Journal. This notion is supported by the articles and guidelines released by the Department of Health (DOH), the National Nutrition Council (NNC)the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS)Mayo Clinic (based on the expert advice of registered dietitian nutritionist, Allie Wergin), and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

So, why don’t we share a few healthy tips with you as you prepare or start your holiday celebrations, along with how NUTRILITE™ and its wide array of clean, traceable products can help with some of them? 

Here are 10 Healthy Tips for Your Holiday Experience

*Disclaimer: There are NO APPROVED THERAPEUTIC CLAIMS for any of the featured items below. Please consult your doctor before taking these supplements if you are a child under 12 years old, a pregnant/lactating woman, or anyone with a medical condition.

1. Make Plans for Less Stress


    Plan how to manage your stress levels (be it for the holidays or in general) since it helps you save more energy, improve your overall well-being, and avoid stress eating, as suggested by various medical groups. For example, you can try taking breaks occasionally, which can be as short as 10 minutes, and involve other activities that can help you relax, like listening to calming music, taking a short walk outdoors, talking with your friends and loved ones, and more.

    2. Include Healthy Alternatives to Your Holiday Diet


      According to many experts, it’s necessary to put healthier options in your holiday diet (for many reasons). You can do this by adding more low-calorie, nutrient-rich foods (i.e., fruits, veggies, poultry, seafood, etc.) into your usual holiday diet or eating them first when at a party. But if you or your younger loved ones still need extra support to meet your nutrient needs, you can always count on the NUTRILITE™ Concentrated Fruits and Vegetables (both kids and adult versions) and All-Plant Protein Powder Canister to fill that gap.

      3. Stick to Your Meal Routine (With Just Enough Portions)


        You can still try all the delicious cuisine at your upcoming holiday parties. Just be sure to get them within your meal routine and in reasonable amounts. As some trusted sources stated, keeping a good schedule for your meals and planning on which to eat and how much can help you stick with a healthy, well-balanced diet and keep your energy stable. And if you still need help, you can try the NUTRILITE™ Carb Blocker Tablet to block off any unprocessed carbs from your holiday meals without affecting how you absorb nutrients from other foods.

        4. Be Physically Active


          Keep yourself physically active, be it a full-blown workout or a simple daily walk/run, especially in the last 3-4 months of the year. After all, why not? According to some experts and studies, regular exercise burns off excess weight, boosts energy, and improves your health. Of course, you can enhance this with the plant-based and effective NUTRILITE™ GreenTrim Tablet. But, just in case you need the extra help or even just a way to make it more fun, you can join others like yourself in the Healthy Holistic Happy Hour from the Bodykey™ by NUTRILITE™ Healthy Holistic Transformation Challenge (HTTC) at a My Amway Place near you.

          5. Prepare For the Changing Weather


            Changing seasons and temperatures are no joke since diseases like colds, coughs, flu, and even allergies result from the environment and conditions they bring. You can prepare for this by wearing the appropriate clothing depending on the weather and bulk up on different fruits, vegetables, and other foods that help boost your and your family’s immunity. NUTRILITE™ also has its I-Defense, Acerola C Chewable Tablet, the Next Gen Double X™ Multivitamins, and Kids Chewable Vitamins And Minerals Tablet to provide all the nutrients needed to strengthen your immune systems for the holidays. 

            6. Stay Hydrated (and Chose Your Beverages Wisely)


              As many experts say, staying hydrated is one of the simplest yet most vital ways of keeping yourself healthy and functioning, especially when stressed. So, during the hectic chaos of holiday plans and shopping sprees, water is the best beverage you can ever have. And, if you want other drinks, you can also go for those with lower calorie counts, such as tea, fruit juice, and more, so that you can still be hydrated while avoiding excess weight gain.

              7. Focus on What You’re Eating


                According to medical professionals, mindful eating and focusing on your meal allows you to not only be aware of the food in front of you but also gives you a way to control how much of it you eat. It also helps you choose carefully and keep track of what you have eaten. And, if you are looking for other options where you can see how much nutrients you’re getting from it, the Bodykey™ by NUTRILITE™ Meal Replacement Shake (in Berry, Chocolate, or Café Latte flavor) might be the one for you with its protein-rich, plant-based recipe that is guaranteed to leave you both full and energized. 

                8. It’s Okay to Say “No” (Politely)


                  It may be ideal to be gracious and accept every dish offered by family or friends, but like many things, there’s a limit to how much we can eat. So, if you ever feel the pressure to keep going despite already having had your fill, it’s okay to politely refuse or say “no” to the extra servings. Likewise, if you still hunger for things like sugar despite being satisfied with your meal, you can try the NUTRILITE™ Chrompic Extra Capsule to help you fight cravings and process carbs, fats, and proteins more effectively.

                  9. Rest as Much as You Can


                    Aside from managing stress, eating healthily, balancing treats and exercise, and more, it’s also vital to have good sleep. Like how stress affects us, lacking sleep may make you crave and eat more than you should to make up for lost energy and may lower your body’s natural defenses due to exhaustion. So, rest well as much as you can, especially during the busy holiday season.

                    10. Be Kind to Yourself


                      While we can do all that we can to stay fit and healthy during the upcoming holidays, there will be times when we overindulge and neglect to do what we need for our overall well-being. If and whenever that happens, don’t feel guilty or be too hard on yourself. After all, the holidays are a time when you get to celebrate with your family and friends while unwinding with the festive cheer, so it’s natural and ideal to enjoy what they offer. You just need to balance it out with healthier meals and include exercise in your daily routine next time.

                      Overall, there are ways to still be active and healthy during the holiday season and the ten tips listed here are just some of them. However, the main point is that it is possible, and you don’t have to be too strict or cautious about as long as you have the knowledge and tools to do it. So, have fun, keep safe, and stay healthy this holiday season!