Easy and Trusty Tools for a Healthy Holiday

The holidays are in full swing and so are the parties and feasts that come along with them. Be it from your office Christmas party to the annual family reunion during New Year’s Eve, you can’t deny that various festive dishes line up most gatherings’ dining tables during this time.

If you’re conscious about your health and improving it even in this season, this can turn into a tricky challenge. But, even with all the many fitness tips, healthy meal plans, and other related things that you may or may not follow, there will always be some health gaps that we can’t fill, either because we need more nutrients than we could take or because the things that we need are not usually available.

Luckily, the Gift of a Healthy Holiday bundle is there to help.


Featuring products from NUTRILITE™ and ARTISTRY™, this bundle provides a way for you to be able to stick to your healthy habits while making sure there are less things to hinder you from them.

With that said, a take closer look at what this bundle has to offer and how it can be your trusty kit for a brilliant healthy holiday.

A Little Help on Your Holiday Health Goals


First up is the NUTRILITE™ Carb Blocker Tablet. Made from a natural blend of exclusive plant extracts, this supplement blocks off up to five hundred (500) carbohydrate calories (from sugar and starches) from your body’s absorption, without messing with your intake of vitamins, minerals, fibers, and other nutrients. It also leaves you full for longer periods of time, making you less hungry and likely to binge-eat. You only need to take one to three tablets daily with a meal containing carbs, but no more than nine (9) tablets in day though.

Whether working out or just simply adjusting eating habits in a healthier direction, this is perfect if you’re looking for help in maintaining your figure (and just in case you had a little cheat day) during the holidays.


Another thing that can help you in managing your health and weight is the NUTRILITE™ Nutri Fiber Blend Chewable Tablet. Packed soluble and insoluble fibers from 13 natural sources, this tablet boosts your gut’s health by helping it function normally and keeping you feeling full longer, along with other additional health benefits that come with a high-fiber diet. You can take up to three (3) tablets every day, but you must chew first before swallowing.

So, when you need a little bit more fiber in your Christmas or New Year meals along with all the fruits, vegetables, and grains possibly included in them, the Nutri Fiber Blend Chewable Tablet is here to help.


Of course, a healthy holiday won’t be complete without feeling great both inside and outside. This bundle comes with a sample of the Artistry Skin Nutrition™ Vitamin C + HA3 Serum for you to try. It helps give your skin a natural, radiant glow while reducing fine lines and wrinkles, all thanks to its powerful blend of Vitamin C from Nutrilite™-grown Acerola Cherry and HA3 Hyaluronic Acid. It’s a great plus to add to your holiday experience, especially if you’re looking forward to all those selfies and pictures you’ve taken this season.

Enjoy the Holidays with Little Worries

With this brilliant gift bundle, you’ve got effective, reliable, and plant-based tools that have your back in staying fit and fabulous throughout Christmas and New Year’s. So, enjoy the holidays with little worries since you can reach and maintain your health goals easier this season, thanks to a little bit of help.