Mom’s Choice: What You Need in a Program to Sustainably Lose Weight



“Health is wealth” is something that we’d often hear, but only really take to heart half the time. But the same can’t be said for moms, both now and then.

Raising a family, working to provide and care for them, and dealing with pressures both in and out of the home do put things into perspective for any mom, especially the millennial one. She, like the rest of us in today’s world, wants to achieve a good work-life balance and healthy lifestyle. And with enough time, knowledge, and resources, maybe she could.

But what if she doesn’t have some or even all of these? Not everyone could afford and/or even have the right data/plan to do so. So, what’s a good way of becoming fit, while still getting accurate information and having time for everything else in her life?

Why, with a wellness program, of course.


Sustainable Weight Loss Embodied: BodyKey™ by Nutrilite™

Wellness programs, especially those for weight management, often encourage many of us to improve and keep healthier lifestyles despite our busy schedules. But rarely do you get a program that tackles fitness and health in a more rounded way, while giving correct information clearly and directly.

One great example of that is BodyKey™ by NUTRILITE™. It is a program that takes a more holistic method to health by striking a good balance between improving a person’s diet/eating habits and physical exercise. And it does this with its participants’ own needs and goals in mind. All in all, it’s a very good fit for the millennial mom.

Now, let’s take a better look at how said millennial mom would manage to lose weight and gain something more valuable in an effective program like this.

Key Parts to Sustainably Lose Weight (A Millennial Mom’s Journey)

The following sections cover the key parts of sustainably losing weight, especially with a program that helps make that possible. All of these are based on the experiences of an anonymous millennial mom.


I. Know Yourself, Your Body, and Your Needs with Professional Help

    The first thing you might need to do when starting your weight loss journey is to know yourself. Namely, know yourself and your body, especially with professional guidance.

    Getting the necessary info about your own current health condition/s with a certified expert or with precise tests helps in finding out your needs and what would work best for you. BodyKey™ also recommends this for anyone starting it, usually with tests like the Health™ genetic test by Interleukin Genetics, Inc., and the self-assessment test in the BodyKey™ SmartLoss™ Digital Coach App.

    In fact, that’s what the millennial mom did when she first started out. She and the coach assigned to her had herself tested on a TANITA® weighing scale (which measures many aspects in the human body such as metabolic age, muscle mass, fat mass, etc.). And after a one-on-one session together to set her goals and needs, they were able to find out what she needed to improve in her body and adjust certain parts of the program for her.

    II. Tackling The Weight-Loss Horns with A (Great) Plan

    Once the test is complete, the next step is to tackle the issue with a great plan/program based on the info gathered. And BodyKey™ just so happens to be built to help make this happen.

    The program itself usually lasts around 12 weeks. In that time, it has set meal plans, exercise routines, and even wellness habits that must be practiced (all set according to the person’s own goals and needs), with each week building upon the last one. And upon joining, the person will receive a BodyKey™ By Nutrilite™ Starter Solution kit, which includes the program’s own meal replacement items, such as its Chocolate and Berry Shakes, and some essential NUTRILITE™ products ( i.e., Chrompic Extra Capsule, Carb Blocker Tablet, etc.).

    For someone who isn’t used to this kind of routine in their daily life, the millennial mom nearly found it impossible to do in the first few weeks. But because the program is flexible enough and gives clear info on what to do, it makes things much easier to do and achieve. It also helps that experts are there to help and that the results are tangible enough to make the effort worth it.

    III. Letting Go of Old Habits by Dispelling Misconceptions

    Getting fit and healthy, however, isn’t limited to just following the program and changing routines. The millennial mom, like many of us, also had to change some wrong ideas she had on fitness and weight loss when she entered a program like BodyKey™. In short, she also needed clear and exact info to get a better understanding of health and make her changes stick.

    One of those ideas was that weight was mostly just made up of fat and that, if she just lost fat, she could lessen her weight (she struggled with a plateau in her weight loss). However, the program’s materials and experts informed her that weight doesn’t only cover fat, but also other things like muscle mass, bone density, etc.

    From then on, she didn’t need to worry whenever her weight went up slightly at times, as long as she knew where it was coming from. It also helped that The BodyKey™ SmartLoss™ SmartEating™ Plan also guided her on which foods to focus on and/or adjust portions of.


    IV. Stick to the Plan (And Your Reasons for Doing So)

      So, the millennial mom entered the program and is going through it, using what she learned and adding them to her daily life. Her main concern now, like many of us who start in a program, is how she will be able to stick to the program and keep the results she gets from it, even long after she’s finished it. Well, there are two answers for that: trust and perseverance.

      She trusted the plan/program because it was credible and effective, so that encouraged her to give it her best shot. In turn, her perseverance through it all allowed her to reach her goals and more. And both made her realize and hold on even more to her reasons for doing all of these: her desire to be healthier, both for her family and herself.

      This also applies even after she finishes the program, keeping what she learned and making it a part of her life from then on.


      On The Road to Healthy Living

      All in all, being able to lose weight sustainably isn’t just about losing weight only.

      It is about changing your lifestyle into a healthier one with a well-rounded, reliable, and defined plan found in effective wellness programs. It also means being realistic in your goals and well-informed in how you handle your own daily habits when it comes to becoming and keeping fit. And, most of all, none of this would be possible without the needed professional help and taking the first step.

      For the millennial mom, it was the key to her goal of being healthy for her family and herself. For the rest of us, it gave us a lot more than we often hope for.