Here’s How to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy

Getting your kids to eat fruits and vegetables is a constant uphill battle for parents everywhere. Despite the endless tears and bargaining and compromises, there’s hope for parents out there!

As children grow older, their taste in food matures and it is important to create a positive eating environment that would encourage them to develop better eating habits. Here are some tips to get your kids to eat more healthy food!

  1. Start small

    Getting your kids to eat healthily does not happen overnight. Start by taking baby steps that would later become a part of daily mealtimes. When introducing new food to your children, it's important to start slow and small. The smaller the better! If you want them to eat carrots, you can start with tiny bites. When they do well in this, gradually increase the serving until eating fruits and vegetables becomes a staple in your daily meals.

      2. Creativity is key

      Mealtime should be fun in order to work for you and your kids. Presentation plays a key role in getting your kids to eat healthy; the more enticing the food looks, the more likely they will eat it. Try cutting fruit and vegetables into different shapes to make it look more fun and tastier. You can also try including vegetables in their favorite food without them knowing!



        3. Get them involved

        One way to get your children interested in what they eat is to involve them in preparing meals. Bring your kids to the grocery and let them choose what healthy food they want to try. If your child finds a particular vegetable interesting, like cauliflower or eggplant, you can always find ways to incorporate it in your next meal. Getting your children in on the process is a great way to make mealtimes more exciting. It is also a fun way to educate kids on the value of the food they eat.



        4. Introduce alternatives

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