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We all have those days when our schedules are filled to the brim. Because there are so many things to attend to, we feel like we’re always running out of time. Unfortunately, while our lives are getting busier and busier, we tend to forget about our bodily health. Some cope by sleeping excessively when they are finally able to rest, while others fuel themselves with coffee night and day. We must avoid developing unhealthy habits on top of stress by giving our body the right nutrients it needs to block fatigue before it blocks us from doing our daily tasks.  

B vitamins are essential building blocks of the body that keep us in good health. It supports energy production and provides us with nutritional benefits that help beat stress. However, many busy adults like us lack B vitamins which might make it hard to keep up with such a lifestyle. With constant commitments and daily deadlines, we can’t afford to run out of energy. Therefore, to keep up with life, we need a proactive solution that won’t let our needs down.  


Nutrilite™ B Vitamins contains eight essential B Vitamins that is used by the body to help fight fatigue. With the added benefits of biotin and spirulina, the formula makes it perfect for busy adults. 

Its compact packaging is convenient to bring wherever you go, and the tablet’s small oval shape makes it easy to swallow. Make sure to drink one tablet a day, so you can always be on the go!

The essential 8 

Nutrilite™ B VITAMINS   is packed with important vitamins to boost your energy and help you keep up with an active and healthy lifestyle: 

Vitamin B1 aids in the conversion of carbohydrates to energy 

Vitamin B2 supports energy generation 

Vitamin B3 helps the digestive system, skin, and nerves to function 

Vitamin B5 supports tissue repair and immune function 

Vitamin B6 helps in healthy heart function 

Vitamin B9 assists in the formation of red blood cells 

Vitamin B12 supports the conversion of food and energy as well as helps maintain a healthy nervous system 

Vitamin B7 or biotin is not just for hair, skin, and nails – it’s vital for the body’s metabolism as it breaks down protein, fats, carbohydrates and processes glucose.  

Sadly, the human body cannot make its own vitamin B7, so we need add it into our diets. According to Dr. Lipner from Weill Cornell Medicine, New York, biotin can also be acquired from external food sources like egg yolk, milk, nuts, and greens. 

What is Spirulina? 

Spirulina is a blue-green microalgae that can be found in both sea and freshwater. It is a natural, quality source of B vitamins and has various nutritional and health benefits. 

The secret of this wonder plant can be found in its unique physical structure or DNA. Spirulina contains naturally occurring nutrients including vitamin B12, other B complex vitamins, and protein. It is rich in phytonutrients which provide the nutritional gap that we often miss out on our daily diet. And unlike artificial vitamins, the natural beneficial substances found with spirulina are always active. 

As part of our traceability process, our spirulina is grown and harvested at a Nutricert-certified partnership facility in Southern Carolina using a specially designed pond system. Amway’s farming partners are masters of aquatic agriculture that have passed rigorous certification. This certification looks at environmental diversity, ecological balance, freedom from contamination, source of traceability, and the surrounding social environment. 

The alkaline environment in the facility is perfect for nurturing spirulina, while at the same time keeping other microorganisms at bay. Gentle steering by giant paddlewheels assures a perfect mixture of fresh water, nutrients, and exposure to the intense desert sun. As a result, we're able to cultivate the purest batches of spirulina to give the maximum positive impact on the human body. 

Block Fatigue Before It Blocks You

Fatigue can be caused by insufficient Vitamin B in your diet, leading to a myriad of health problems. Nutrilite™ B Vitamins is here to help you fill dietary gaps and block fatigue, giving you the nutrients you need to conquer each day.