What Vitamins Should I Be Taking for My Age?

The body goes through a lot of changes as you add years to your age.

These are the times when nutrient deficiencies can occur, so you should be wary not just of your diet, but of any vitamins you need to take as you age. But aging doesn't need to be something you should be afraid of! Here’s a list of the nutrients you need to be able to keep up with the changes in your body as you age.

20s - The Young and Active

This is the phase of dreaming and hustling. Either you are finishing your studies or starting your way to the corporate world while balancing it with your personal life, people in their 20s should never set aside a healthy lifestyle.

Vitamin C

Start with boosting your immune system. Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, helps in repairing the tissues in the body and helps in the proper function of the immune system so you will be protected from common colds and other viral diseases. Aside from strengthening your body’s defenses, it also aids in preventing cardiovascular diseases you might be having in the long run.

While you can get Vitamin C through fruits and vegetables, experts reveal that it is never enough. You can get more defense for your immunity with NUTRILITE™ Acerola C Chewable Tablet, a supplement from acerola cherries, one of the world's richest sources of Vitamin C. It is also rich with phytonutrients that offer strong protection against other lifestyle diseases.

Vitamin A

These are the times when you are all active--from joining your friends on a day hike to the mountains or you are into leisure sports where your muscles are all in the works. Give your muscles the care it needs by having vitamins that helps in their growth and repair. Vitamin A provides structural growth for your muscles, giving it the strength to endure tiring days ahead. Your bones will thank you too if you give yourself enough dose of Vitamin A.

30s - Healthy and Beautiful

People in their 30s is a mixed group of people who are starting a family or are working towards their career’s success. Whichever path they are taking, they surely need a strong and healthy body to keep up with whatever they are doing.


Iron plays an integral part in the proper circulation of oxygen in the body. It is a mineral that is part of the hemoglobin, which carries oxygen from the lungs to different parts of the body, making our organs perform the tasks they are bound to do.

Specifically, women in their 30s need the right amount of iron to prevent deficiency due to various body changes and lifestyle choices. Pregnant women and those who have heavy menstrual cycles are commonly diagnosed with iron deficiency. People who eat less meat or are athletes may also lack iron due to their lifestyle.

It is common for physicians to advise pregnant women to consume iron supplements before and during pregnancy. Nutrilite™ Iron-Folic Plus is a rich source of ferrous fumarate which is considered as one of the best forms of iron. It is combined with folic acid which is another essential vitamin for a healthy pregnancy.


Amidst the hectic lifestyle you need to juggle each day, you have to take care of yourself as well. Give your hair, skin, and nails the proper vitamins to maintain its health.

Biotin is a water-soluble B vitamin that has been proven to keep them healthy and strong against the harmful effects of UV rays which you get to be exposed from each day. As you get protected from harmful rays, your skin also glows from within, giving you that youthful and vibrant glow.

NUTRILITE™ Hair, Skin and Nails Complex contains Biotin to protect your nails against brittleness and your hair and skin from being damaged against pollutants. This supplement also contains Vitamin C from Acerola Cherry, which further boosts not only your look from the outside but also your overall immune defense inside your body.

40s – Preparing for Aging

As you reach your 40s, health conditions may start appearing soon. But with the proper lifestyle and vitamin intake, you can slow down the progression of sicknesses, if not totally erase them. Start by giving your body the right amount of vitamins and minerals needed to protect your health from sicknesses that comes with aging.


Fiber is an anti-aging nutrient that possesses a whole lot of benefits for those who are adding years to their age. By maintaining the right amount of fiber in the body, people in their 40s can avoid health conditions such as stroke and is good for digestive health. It is also a good shield against high levels of cholesterol and blood sugar, preventing you from having hypertension and diabetes in the long run. Sources of fiber include wheat bread, beans, nuts, and brown rice.

Vitamin D

The sunlight is the best and cheapest source of Vitamin D. One just needs to go outdoors and get their daily dose of healthy sunlight in the morning to absorb Vitamin D that great as an immune system booster. However, people in their 40s sometimes forego going out under the heat of the sun. Moreover, given that they are exposed to the sunlight, they do not get the maximum benefits from it as aging slows down the absorption of Vitamin D.


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The most common nutrient deficiency in aging is calcium. As one age, more minerals are lost than absorbed. This nutrient is vital in the function of muscles, nerves, and blood vessels. If there is a lack of minerals such as calcium, this may lead to bones breaking easily, or most commonly known as osteoporosis, especially for women after menopause. Older men and women should consume calcium through food like milk, cheese, and yogurt.

When looking for calcium and Vitamin D supplements, opt for rich and natural sources. NUTRILITE™ Cal Mag D Tablet can take good care of your bone health by providing calcium, magnesium, and Vitamin D to effectively absorb calcium in the body while keeping your diet natural and organic.

50s – Aging Healthily and Gracefully


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Vitamin B6

Just like one prepares for retirement, you also must prepare your body for aging. As early as now, start giving your body the vitamins it needs to protect your overall health as you age.

Start with Vitamin B6. This vitamin is a wonder nutrient that has proved its effectiveness in brain development. For seniors, this is vital in keeping a sharp memory and preventing mental illnesses linked to aging such as dementia. It also helps in preventing anemia and improves hemoglobin production, an essential body activity to maintain healthy blood.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 helps in producing nerve cells and blood vessels. However, aging slows down the capacity of the body to absorb enough vitamin b12 due to problems in acids and stomach enzymes which are needed in processing the vitamin. Vitamin B12 can be found in sources such as fish, eggs, meat, and dairy.

For a complete source of B vitamins, NUTRILITE™ B Vitamins is the best option for you as it contains eight essential B vitamins to fill in dietary gaps and block fatigue.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle as you age will always start with having a balanced diet. Whole foods and a variety of fruits and vegetables should always come in handy as these contain a myriad of nutrients and minerals needed to keep the body strong and healthy.

But aside from this, it is also best to have supplementation on the side as your partner in making sure that you get enough vitamins your body needs as you grow old. Seniors are oftentimes advised to have supplements to aid them in bridging the gaps in the nutrients they have to meet to keep the body at its best functioning form.