Why Is BodyKey™ The Best Meal Replacement Drink?

Wanting to lose weight requires a lot of effort for it to happen— it is natural to want something that works fast, is convenient, and highly effective. Thanks to science, a meal replacement shake (from the name itself) was invented as a meal substitute that helps tremendously with weight management. It is packed with nutrients of a full meal while being low in calories, which is great if you want to lose weight while being on a healthy lifestyle. Our BODYKEY™ BY NUTRILITE™ MEAL REPLACEMENT SHAKE was formulated to be the best meal replacement shake ever for your weight loss journey, and here’s why:

Our meal replacement shake is HEALTHY AND NUTRITIOUS.

BodyKey™ contains 17g of protein in each serving, which is almost twice as much as the protein content of the leading meal replacement shake in the Philippines. This generous amount of protein content aids in building lean muscle mass while you lose weight. Since BodyKey™ has a higher amount of protein in every serving compared to other brands, then your stomach would feel fuller longer than usual.

Made from soy protein isolate and chia seeds, BodyKey™ was crafted in mind for people to enjoy the full benefits of a meal. What makes soy protein isolate better than other protein sources is that it contains a higher concentration of protein compared to soy protein and has essential amino acids that is needed by the human body to fully function.

While chia seeds are mainly known for being good for digestive health because they are a rich source of fiber, they are also a good source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. If you are specifically conscious about your heart health, then BodyKey™ is a perfect meal replacement shake for you since chia seeds also reduce blood pressure and LDL cholesterol levels[KC1] (a.k.a. bad cholesterol).

Since we care about what you put inside your body, we made sure that BodyKey™ has no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, and preservatives so you can be at peace knowing that our meal replacement shake is made with natural flavors. With soy protein isolate (a plant-based protein) as its protein source, BodyKey™ is also free of gluten, which is perfect for maintaining a healthy weight.

BodyKey™ is Halal and Kosher certified, which means it is in accordance with traditional Islamic and Jewish dietary laws. We can also guarantee the potency of our BodyKey™ products until their shelf lives end. They have zero trans fats, which is key for a healthy heart.

We also guarantee that BodyKey™ is made with non-GMO ingredients and is vegetarian-friendly. Since we care about your health as much as we care about mother nature, the carton of each BodyKey™ product is made with 100% recycled cardboards.

Our meal replacement shake is YUMMY.

Tired of the usual vanilla flavor of meal replacement shakes that is starting to taste bland? Look no further as BodyKey™ offers 3 delicious flavors: Chocolate, Café Latte, and Berry. Just mix it with water and your BodyKey™ meal replacement shake is ready for consumption. You can also use milk with your BodyKey™ if you want to switch up the flavor.

Our meal replacement shake is

No preparation needed! Easily mix your BodyKey™ with water and it is now ready to drink. You don’t have to buy milk for this, which can get inconvenient if you are busy or always on-the-go. Since milk expires, that is another problem that you need to address in buying meal replacement shakes that are not BodyKey™.

Our meal replacement shake is

As the #1 vitamin, mineral, and dietary supplement brand in the world, Nutrilite™ has rightfully earned its reputation by delivering high-quality supplements that are grown, harvested, and processed on their own farms or partner farms. Nutrilite™ prides itself for its traceability process, with every step documented to prove its quality and assure everyone’s peace of mind. With more than 80 years of experience in the industry, you can be assured that BodyKey™ is made with the finest ingredients that is backed by extensive research.

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